Helping others, you get yourself a present

Special Christmas charity campaign for children medical treatment "Helping others, you get yourself a present".

Owners of MTS phone numbers can transfer donation for children medical treatment to Centre for humanitarian programs. Just switch *700#, enter and choose Centre for humanitarian programs and sum of your donation.

The most generous donors will get 2 tickets for New Year's ice arena show "Sinbad and Princess Anne" in Moscow in January from Stage Entertainment. Payment should be no less than 100 rubles. Number of tickets in the charity action – 100 tickets. Period of charity campaign — December 2015.

It's a real miracle that we were born, grew up, start a family and  have success in our work. However, there are people who need help so we invite you to make this miracle by yourself. Center for Humanitarian Programs is helping to make this miracle for 22 years and they helped to 1483 children.

* A special charity campaign "Helping others, you get yourself a present" is supported by MTS and Stage Entertainment.

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