How To Make A Real Difference Through Charity

At MegaFon we see our mission as uniting people and breaking down barriers in communication. This also dictates our approach to social programs: being genuinely close by where we are needed most of all.

Today the aims of our charity activities are to help systematically tackle pressing issues faced by vulnerable social groups across Russia and to support the formation of a competent community of people doing good deeds. These aims helped us define the key areas for our charity activities: helping orphans, supporting those with disabilities, helping company employees in difficult life situations and assisting the victims of catastrophes.

Of the hundreds of projects we receive for consideration, we choose only those that could make a genuine improvement, can be scaled to several regions and are systematic, long-term and sustainable, as well as transparent and trustworthy.

We ran 58 projects in 2015 with a total budget of over 180 million rubles together with 166 foundations and non-profits, involving more than 20,000 people in every region of Russia. Many of these projects have been running for several years already, such as the Future Depends On You nationwide Russian football championship for teams from children's homes and orphanages, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and the MegaFon Dream Cup, an international wheelchair tennis tournament we first held five years ago in 2010.

We are also changing together with the new challenges and market realities. Together with our partners in February we ran the first Dobro (Good) educational conference where 105 charity foundations and non-profits could present themselves to the Russian business community. In April we began cooperating with major Russian crowdfunding platform Eighteen MegaFon projects placed on the site have been viewed 16,000 times and collected 3.3 million rubles in donations from 1,500 individuals. These new initiatives will be continued next year.

People often ask us: do we need charity in a crisis? Our answer is yes. If a company's social investments are conscious, well-considered and have stood the test of time, are integrated with the company's main business and professional skills and are aligned with the corporate values and mission, then these activities don't just need to be continued through challenging economic times, they must be.

In 2016 we will continue to genuinely help those who need it most of all, fully capitalizing on our skills and experience to systematically change things for the better.

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