Help a Child in Need: Yulian Milyukov

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Yulian Milyukov

DOB: 10 August 2009 (Tyumen)

Mother's letter:

Our family has three children and one of them is disabled. My son Milyukov Yulian was born prematurely on August 10th 2009. We had to stay in hospital from August 10th to October 26th. He couldn't breathe on his own and needed artificial lung during 18 days. He had three blood transfusions, hemolytic disease of the newborns, fetal hepatitis, pneumonia, carditis and perinatal affection of the central nervous system.

At the age of 5 months my son had another medical examination. As a result he was given the diagnosis — perceptive hearing loss, deafness. On March 31st 2010 the commission confirmed that he was disabled. Now we are trying to adjust our son to normal life so we have started regular medical examinations, treatments and rehabilitation courses. It's a long and hard process. Yulian is getting on very slowly. At the same time we are trying to solve his health problems.

Yulian had two operations Ц cochlear implantation (On December 15th 2010 Ц for the right ear, on March 23rd — for the left ear). He was operated in St.Petersburg.

Since 2011we have visited different rehabilitation centers for such children looking for hearing specialists. We also asked other parents for advice and tried to find information in the internet. When we were in Moscow in 2014 we were advised to consult the rehabilitation center in Fryazino. We called there and made an appointment. During the consultation with speech-language professionals we got much more information than in federal rehabilitation centers. For the first time we got clear recommendations and could see the results of the lessons.

We were very impressed. Since that time we have been looking forward to taking up a course of rehabilitation in "Tosha and Co". We can see so many positive feedbacks about this center.

This year Yulian has had the reimplantation because his right implant failed. After the operation the boy got worse again. The anesthesia caused damage to his memory and speech. As a result his development stopped. But nevertheless we are doing our best especially Yulian. He is working hard at all the lessons.

We do not have hearing specialists in our town so we use every opportunity to attend rehabilitation courses in St.Petersburg, Moscow or Tyumen. Although both my husband and I work, our family has financial difficulties as we spend all our savings on the child's treatment and rehabilitation.

We are a large family. Our elder daughter is at the second course of the university. The annual payment makes up RUB 138,000. Our second daughter is 14 years old. She's a pupil at school. I would like to provide my family, to give my daughters a good education so that they could support their younger brother in the future.

That's why we have to ask you for financial support to pay for the rehabilitation course in the center "Tosha and Co" in Fryazino. If you have any opportunity, please give us a chance. All the children who visited this center have good results. Our son needs help of the professionals experienced in working with children after cochlear implantation so that he could go to school with his peers.

Thank you in advance. Regards. Milyukova Lyudmila.

Please support us with financial assistance!

Speech therapist's conclusion:

cochlear implantation was made in 2010, 2012 and 2015. The boy selectively contacts unknown people. He is not interested in work with teachers, sometimes even protests. The boy can hear all sounds of speech range. Vocabulary is very poor, contacts mostly with the help of gesture language. He has good imitation ability, can repeat what he hears even if he does not recognize the meaning. General development is delayed in comparison with normal hearing level.


Intensive lessons for development of hearing performance and forming of oral speech with the help of speech therapists and logopedists, unassisted work at home with a set of rehabilitation materials

Director of rehabilitation center, speech therapist Muntyan E.V.

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness, condition after cochlear implantation

Prescribed procedure: 3-week rehabilitation course in rehabilitation center "Tosha" (Fryazino, Moscow region)

Required amount: 150 000 RUB

Received amount 30.11.2015: 0 RUB

Missing amount: 150 000 RUB

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