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Dmitry Krotov

DOB: 04 May 2010 (Stavropol)

Mother's letter:

Hello! My name is Olga, I have two children: a daughter Aliona, 13 years old and a son Dima 5 years old. From his very birth our little Dima was a lively, active, cheerful, curious and sociable boy. He learned early how to sit, to crawl, to walk. When he was 4 months old, he started pronouncing sounds, laughing joyfully. Neither us nor doctors noticed any developmental lags. To our complaints, that the speech still had not appeared we got a standard reply — boys start talking later, just wait. At 1 year 7 months Dimka started blabbing "ma-ma-ma", "pa-pa", "ba-ba". We already were in anticipation, that he would start speaking soon… But there was no further development of speech. We started to realize, that something was wrong with the child, but did not associate it with the hearing loss. We came to the diagnosis — sensorineural hearing loss of 4th degree – at the age of 3. It seemed as the world had collapsed.

We did not hesitate a moment, when we were offered to make the cochlear implantation for our son, it was the only chance to give the child hearing . The technique of cochlear implantation (CI) allows to hear all the sounds of the surrounding environment and the speech after a surgery. But it is a giant gap between the moment the child can hear and the moment he can speak! The hearing and speech therapy is needed, it lasts for years and includes intensive work with different specialists, who know the specifics of rehabilitation for this kind of patients.

At 3 years and a half we had the surgery on the right ear. It went well, and on November 18th 2013 we had the switch on. Our new life in the world of sounds started.

We have achieved certain results: the speech appeared in the form of separate words, short phrases, Dima can count to 20 well, knows letters. Dima, within some limits, can understand the speech addressed to him, has a good passive vocabulary, but the active speech is still poor, pronunciation suffers greatly. In July 2015 Dima had a surgery on the left ear, now we have a long way to learn hearing with both ears.

One and a half year ago we learned about the only rehabilitation centre for the children after the CI. We went there for consultations a few times. But since we had the surgery at a relatively late age, there a lot of problems and rehabilitation will require not a one year of work and the help of a qualified professionals, such as the speech therapists of the "Tosha and Co" rehabilitation centre are. Unfortunately this centre is private and does not financing from the state budget, and our family cannot afford the rehabilitation course cost. Only father works in our family, I tend to the child. Dima goes to a common kindergarten till noon, and in the afternoon I practice with him according to teachers' recommendations, and we go to different developing sessions. Grandmothers and grandfathers live in other cities, so we have nobody to entrust our child to.

Our family does not have a low-income status, but our expenses sometimes exceed our incomes. The flat is in mortgage, we still have several years to clear. Our elder daughter takes dancing lessons, not for free of course. And we constantly need money for the maintenance of the CI speech processor, for the medicine for Dima, and so on.

We would so very much want to, and it so very necessary to go to the rehabilitation centre, so we have to apply for your help. Thank you so much again. May God bless you and your dearest ones!

With kind regards, the Krotovs

Speech therapist's conclusion:

cochlear implantation was made in 2012. The boy success contacts unknown people. He is interested in work with teachers, sometimes even protests. Dima can hear all sounds of speech range. Vocabulary is very poor, contacts mostly with the help of gesture language. He has good imitation ability, can repeat what he hears even if he does not recognize the meaning. General development is delayed in comparison with normal hearing level.


Intensive lessons for development of hearing performance and forming of oral speech with the help of speech therapists and logopedists, unassisted work at home with a set of rehabilitation materials

Director of rehabilitation center, speech therapist Muntyan E.V.

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness, condition after cochlear implantation

Prescribed procedure: 3-week rehabilitation course in rehabilitation center "Tosha" (Fryazino, Moscow region)

Required amount: 150 000 RUB

Received amount 30.11.2015: 0 RUB

Missing amount: 150 000 RUB

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