CYBI - prosthesis for the little superhero

The Company "Motorica" is preparing to release the first series of the game-gadgets for children's prosthetic devices. The goal of the project — to change the attitude of children and society to a prosthetic devices. Total announced the production of 8 gadgets Ч from a slingshot and a compass to quadrocopter with a control panel on the rear side of the prosthesis.

The company "Motorica" is engaged in development in the field of functional prosthetics upper limb since 2013. In the spring of 2015 it was obtained the certificate of conformity to the active traction prosthetic device and now it can be obtained due to social program for free. Since then, the company produced 5 such prostheses. In winter 2015-2016 they plan to start tests multifunctional bionic wrist prosthesis. The company actively cooperates with public and private orthopedic companies, Social Insurance Found, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Skolkovo Found

Developers launched a crowdfounding campaign on a platform† Main goal Ч to collect interesting ideas of the interesting gadgets for the prosthetic devices. For a week the project has collected more than 200 000 rubles, which has already exceeded the amount requested.

"Our goal Ч to return to a full life a people with upper limb trauma. This decision on the availability of prostheses possible to get them for free in the regional centers of prosthetics, and changing attitudes to the prosthesis, as an interesting high-tech products, wearable gadget with additional capabilities, "- says Ilya Chekh, CEO of «Motorica» Company.

Collected during the campaign will be spent on the release nozzles and fittings for children's prostheses. These nozzles children will receive free of charge together with the prosthesis during installation. If a large amount is collected, the company will present two prostheses for children who can not get them on the social program, and release to fly first small bionic arm Ч for children from 6 years.

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Motorica (PDF)

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