Come for gifts to charitable Christmas Bazaar!

December 15th; 12:30 to 18:30 (Gasheka St. house № 6, at the internal yard of Ducat Place III business center)

It is always exciting to buy gifts for Christmas and New Year! Everybody wants to give something special and extraordinary to their friends and loved ones!

Come to our Christmas Bazaar, where you will find a great choice of gifts: paintings, batik, Christmas decorations and cards, felted toys, painted gingerbreads, sweets and many more! You can choose a perfect gift while enjoying charming atmosphere of the event. All the items are handmade by wards of charitable foundations.

Making purchases at our Christmas Bazaar is an opportunity to help orphans, children at risk and elderly people in need. All the resources collected during the event will be allocated among participating charitable foundations with a purpose of realization of social projects.

We are waiting for you, your family, friends and colleagues! Let's spread kindness and care together!

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