Christmas Icon To Help Children

Dear Friends,

Making Christmas and New Year gifts to our beloved (well, - not only to them :) is generally accepted.

By purchasing a painting or an icon here you speed up the awaited healing for a suffering child - and this is a real miracle for the child.

Our Christmas Miracle Catalog includes:

- Handwritten icons by artists (tradition in accordance with the Canon of Novgorod and Moscow school of the XIV-XVI centuries);

- Paintings by professional artists.

All the paintings and icons have been donated for our charity action.

We urge You to make so precious miracle of mercy.

During 22 operation years of the Centre for Humanitarian Programmes miracle has happened to 1483 children.

Check the Catalog:

Book a painting or an icon:

phone: +7 (499) 127 4666 (kindly speak Russian)


Charity catalog "Christmas miracle" (PDF)

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