The Moscow Times, a newspaper brought to you by the publishing house of Independent Media Sanoma Magazines, invites you to take part in a project for Russian and Western companies that is aimed at a young (namely, student) audience.

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  • The formаtion of future Russian businesses.
  • The creation of a company's image by investing in future generations.
  • Making a company's brands visible to and known by specific audiences (businesses, students, journalists).
  • Support of program development and job placement for students.


The introduction of students and leaders of successful businesses in Russia with particular Russian and Western companies, not only in theory but in practice.


Masterclasses in some of Moscow's leading universities will be held with well-known business people, politicians and journalists.

There will also be competitions for the younger audience aimed at the development of creative reasoning and the search for new, innovative ideas, with opportunities to use professional skills and knowledge acquired during their studies at Moscow's top higher education institutions.