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Salans is a leading international law firm with over 750 lawyers in 21 offices worldwide. Salans is one of the largest law firms in the CIS with over 200 lawyers and three decades of experience in the region. In Russia we have particular expertise in corporate/ M&A, banking/ finance, taxation/ customs, real estate/ construction, infrastructure, litigation/ arbitration, energy/ natural resources, trademarks/IP, IP/IT/Telecommunications and labour law/ employment.

Pepeliaev, Goltsblat & Partners

Pepeliaev, Goltsblat & Partners is the largest full service law firm based in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The firm supports its clients in all spheres of Russian law throughout Russia, the CIS and abroad. The main areas of specialization include: legal support for FDI projects in Russia, land, real estate, construction, natural resources, corporate, intellectual property, tax, commercial, litigation and arbitration, customs and exchange regulations.


The ореn joint stock company "Multiregional TransitTelecom" (MTT) is a national operator of domestic long-distance and international communication. It has been active on the Russian telecommunications market for more than 13 years. The company came into being at the initial stage of the creation of a cellular mobile segment on the Russian communications market. Its initial aim was to unite the scattered regional mobile networks into a single telecommunications entity. Within a short time, MTT built and launched a countrywide digital transit network designed to provide Russian mobile operators with facilities to exchange internetwork traffic and organize national and international roaming.

Alexander Braun company

Alexander Braun company - is one of the Russian leader in suppling paper and cardboard of European manufactures. There is a wide range of coated papers, offset papers, cardboards for polygraphy and packing, label papers and self-adhesive materials, exclusive papers and cardboards, various texture of binding materials and etc.

Marriott Royal Aurora

The hotel was opened in January 1999. It still is one of the most exclusive and luxurious property in the capital. The architects strove to combine European elegance with Russian traditions, which are manifested in the elements of the exterior decorations. From the outside the hotel looks like a palace from a Russian fairytale.

Московский музей современного искусства

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum in Russia that concentrates its activities exclusively on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Since its inauguration in 1999, the Museum has expanded its strategies and achieved a high level of public acknowledgement. Today the Museum is an energetic institution that plays an important part on the Moscow art scene.

Правительство Москвы

The Moscow City Government includes the Moscow City Mayor, Deputy Moscow City Mayors in the Moscow City Government (including the First ones), the Head of the Office of the Moscow City Mayor and the Moscow City Government in the rank of the First Deputy Moscow City Mayor in the Moscow City Government, Ministers of the Moscow City Government and Prefects of administrative communities in the rank of Ministers of the Moscow City Government.

The German Printing Factory

The German Printing Factory is a modern magazine-catalogue printing complex and the largest publishing facility of offset printing in Russia. A wide range of possibilities are available on site with modern equipment. Specializing in multi-page and full-color products, The German Printing Factory provides a stable and expected result absolutely on schedule.

«EDGES development»

The company “EDGES development” conducts developing programmes for children and teenagers, it is a unique combination of personal development and active leisure.

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To help children

Стадниченко Таисья/Stadnichenko Taisiya

Стадниченко Таисья/Stadnichenko Taisiya

Диагноз: Двусторонняя сенсоневральная глухота на оба уха, состояние после операции кохлеарной имплантации.

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness, condition after cochlear implantation.

Слепцова Айсена/Sleptsova Aisena

Слепцова Айсена/Sleptsova Aisena

Диагноз: Двусторонняя врожденная аномалия развития наружного и среднего уха (микротия средней степени/атрезия полная). Двусторонняя кондуктивная тугоухость II-III ст.

Diagnosis: bilateral congenital abnormity of development of outer and middle ear (microtia of the 3rd degree, atresia). Bilateral conductive hearing loss of the 2nd — 3rd degree.

Коваленко Максим/Kovalenko Maksim

Коваленко Максим/Kovalenko Maksim

Диагноз: Двусторонняя сенсоневральная глухота на оба уха, состояние после операции кохлеарной имплантации в апреле 2010г.

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural deafness, condition after cochlear implantation in April 2010

Other children

Милютина Карина\Milutina  Karina

Милютина Карина\Milutina Karina

Диагноз: Анапластическая эпендимома пинеальной области и задних отделов 3-го желудочка. Окклюзионная гидроцефалия.
Diagnosis: anaplastic ependymoma of pineal area and back parts of ventricles, Obstructive hydrocephalus

Часовских Олеся/Olesya Chasovskih

Часовских Олеся/Olesya Chasovskih

Олеся находится на лечении по поводу врожденной косолапости обеих ног в ЦИТО им. Приорова. После девочке предстоит операция на сердце.
Currently Olesya is getting treatment for her inborn club-foot at the Priorov's hospital after which she is expected to have a heart surgery.

Кудрявцева Ольга/Olga Kudryavtseva

Кудрявцева Ольга/Olga Kudryavtseva

Показано: поликлиническое обследование, операция 6 категории сложности в условиях искусственного кровообращения, импортный протез клапана сердца

Needed: hospital check-up, operation of the 6th difficulty degree in the conditions of artificial blood circulation, imported prosthesis of cardiac valve

Other children