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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Shoigu Asks Putin to Return Piece of Greater Moscow

MTA map showing the territory incorporated into the capital July 1.

Moscow region Governor Sergei Shoigu has asked President Vladimir Putin toreturn part ofthe land recently incorporated intoMoscow's territory.

Theareas inquestion are sparsely populated parts ofthe Odintsovsky andKrasnogorsky districts, whose inclusion inexpanded Moscow has disrupted thework ofadministering theareas, Vedomosti reported, citing city andregional officials.

Since Moscow's July 1 expansion, previously integrated local infrastructure, housing, utilities, roads, engineering networks andpower-supply facilities have been artificially split, despite being managed bya single operations entity, deputy head ofthe Moscow region government Dmitry Kurakin told the business daily.

Insome cases, certain properties are now located on twodifferent federal subjects, creating ahost oflegal problems, Kurakin added.

Theexpansion project saw Moscow's territory more than double. Thenew area includes two cities, Troitsk andShcherbinka, 19 smaller municipalities and232,000 residents, all ofwhich are now part ofMoscow.