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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Hackers Attack Servers of Oil Companies Working in Arctic

pastebin.comA screenshot of the release by hacker group Anonymous

Hacker group Anonymous said it had successfully hacked intothe servers offive oil andgas companies operating inthe Arctic, including Gazprom andRosneft,posting hundreds ofcompany email addresses andpasswords online.

In a statement posted on the website, thegroup said it had acted insupport ofenvironmental organization Greenpeace andthat organization's drive tocease oil andgas drilling onthe Arctic shelf. The group emphasized that it did not work in concert with Greenpeace, but only in its support.

The apparent author of the statement, who identified himself only as Twitter user @le4ky, said arctic drilling leads tothe melting ofpolar ice caps andincreases therisk ofoil pollution inocean waters. He said accidental spills are more likely than ata conventional offshore production site because ofthe climate andthe risk oficebergs hitting a rig.

Thecompanies affected bythe hack included Shell, BP Global, ExxonMobil, Gazprom andRosneft, according to the statement. Thehackers released theinformation of190 accounts fromGazprom and80 fromRosneft, anddatabase access details were also made available. Thehackers said theinformation wasn't accessed through asoftware vulnerability but rather through amistake bythe webmaster.

Anonymous said that "Phase I" ofits project last month used hacked accounts tosign apetition tosave theArctic. Thegroup released 300 email addresses andpasswords fromExxon onJune 26, some ofwhich it said were subsequently used inso-called phishing attacks — meaning the defrauding of an online account holder's financial information — prompting the group torelease less information this time.