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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Feminist Bares Breasts at Patriarch Kirill

ReutersAn activist being detained as she protests the visit of the patriarch, second right, at Kievs airport on Thursday.

Atopless activist with a Kiev-based women's rights group threw herself atRussian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill onThursday, shouting "Go away!" before being detained bysecurity.

Theincident occurred ata Kiev airport shortly after thehead ofthe Russian Orthodox Church stepped off a business jet tobegin athree-day official visit toUkraine.

The rights group, Femen, named Yana Zhdanova as theactivist who had run up tothe patriarch with thewords "Kill Kirill" scrawled in black ink onher bare back.

Zhdanova got within a few meters of a startled-looking Kirill and a delegation of clergymen before being restrained by a man in a cream-colored suit and matching shoes.

Femen, ina statement posted onits LiveJournal blog, accused Kirill ofharming Ukraine's interests bytrying todrag thecountry intoa Eurasia union with Russia andencouraging theillegal detention ofanti-Putin activists— a likely reference tothe female Pussy Riot band members awaiting trial in Moscow over ananti-government performance in Christ theSavior Cathedral in February.

Church officials called theactivist's behavior "shameful," recalling that thechurch has always been thetarget ofsuch attacks.

"It is disgraceful that people are trying tocast acloud over Patriarch Kirill's visit toUkraine with pranks like this," Alexander Volkov, head ofthe patriarch's press service, told Interfax.

Volkov said theFemen activist's move showed that Kirill's visit toUkraine is hugely significant andreflected "the deep spiritual crisis incertain layers ofsociety."

Femen has staged many topless protests in Ukraine and a few in other countries, including at Davos, Switzerland, to coincide with the World Economic Forum.