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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Obama Jokes About Open-Mic Gaffe

Critics may accuse U.S. President Barack Obama ofmany things, but one thing that they can't say is he lacks asense ofhumor.

Obama opened aspeech Tuesday inWashington with ajoke about his gaffe when whispered remarks toPresident Dmitry Medvedev inSeoul were caught byopen microphones last week.

"It is apleasure tospeak toall ofyou," he told anAssociated Press luncheon. "And tohave amicrophone that I can see."

In Seoul, Obama, leaning close toMedvedev andtouching his hand, explained that he would have more "flexibility" towork with Russia onmissile defense after theU.S. presidential election inNovember. Nodding his head, Medvedev replied, "I will transmit this information toVladimir." President-elect Vladimir Putin will return tothe Kremlin next month.

Speaking atthe luncheon Tuesday, Obama said, "Feel free totransmit any ofthis toVladimir if you see him."

Theopen-mic exchange overshadowed other news fromthe Seoul summit onnuclear issues, andObama's opponents accused him ofappearing weak onmissile defense infront ofMedvedev.

TheUnited States andRussia are atloggerheads over U.S.-led NATO plans toplace amissile defense system inEurope.