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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Committee Head Denies Report of Counter-Revolutionary Council

Protesters gathered for an event during Georgia's 2003 Rose Revolution.

State Duma CIS Affairs Committee head Leonid Slutsky denied a newspaper report published Tuesday that said a council toprevent "color revolutions" would be created.

Committee members told Kommersant about theplanned creation ofthe council tocombat so-called "color revolutions" andto analyze threats toRussia's interests inthe near abroad.

But Slutsky sharply denied the reports publicly Tuesday, calling them "complete nonsense," RBK reported.

He said a council was being created but said it would be "an expert advisory board for the committee, not a council on the dangers and challenges in fighting the 'orange' threat."

"Journalists have something mixed up," he said.

Slutsky named Russian State University for the Humanities rector Yefim Pivovar as a possible leader for the new body, which would include academics, lawyers and economists, "professionals who will help in the formation of an expert and legal base for the committee — people who are very far from revolution and counterrevolution."

In an article published Tuesday, Kommersant cited a source as saying the council would discuss therole offoreign NGO's as instruments ofcolor revolutions, therole ofnew technologies inthe organization ofprotests, theinfluence ofthe blogoshpere andsocial networks onthe masses, andmethods ofcounteracting revolutionary movements as awhole.

Committee deputy head Oleg Lebedev told the paper "One function will be defending theinterests ofour country andthat ofour allies."

Theexact functions andcomposition ofthe new organ will be discussed ata meeting ofthe committee April 12, Kommersant said.