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What the Papers Say, Nov. 26, 2012

BBC Monitoring
A roundup of today's Russian-language newspapers

Multiple Incentives Mulled for Far East Investors

A recent flurry of proposals related to developing the Far East shows the government's resolve to make policy adjustments that will attract investment to the hinterland.

Russia Sidelined in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Among members of the Middle East Quartet, Russia enjoys perhaps the warmest relationship with Hamas, the radical Islamist party that controls the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of Inmates Strike at Chelyabinsk Prison

At least 250 prisoners were on strike in the Chelyabinsk region for a second day Sunday, demanding a more relaxed prison regime.

Court Ruling Ramps Up Pressure on Internet Providers to Block Content

A recent Supreme Court decision increases pressure on Internet providers to block websites without direct state interference, lawyers said Friday.

Physicist Convicted of Spying for China Freed

Combined Reports
Physicist Valentin Danilov, convicted of spying for China in 2004, has been released on parole and is continuing to protest his innocence.

Medvedev Talks Tough on Hooligans

In a desperate attempt to curb football violence in Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday called for the most notorious hooligans to be banned for life from matches.

Putin to Travel After 2 Months at Home

President Vladimir Putin is visiting Turkey and Turkmenistan next week, signaling that he is fit for travel again after a two-month hiatus that raised speculation about his health.

Chelyabinsk Prison Revolt Ends With Calls for Reform

A revolt at a maximum security prison in the Chelyabinsk region by prisoners complaining of corruption and abuse has ended, regional prison officials said in a statement Monday.

Russian-Themed Theater in Texas Takes on VFTV

Liz Fisher came around to Russian drama by way of rejection.

Another Blow to Russia's Bid to Boost Soft Power

The re-election of Barack Obama raised hopes that U.S.-Russian relations could be launched on a fresh course. The nightmare scenario of a Mitt Romney presidency staffed with neocons has been averted.

New Strategy for Opposition

When the authorities allowed new political parties to be registered this year — including the Republican Party-Party of People's Freedom in August — many hoped this was a small step toward more political pluralism. But it soon became clear that this was just another Kremlin decoy.

How Journalists Defend Against Lawlessness

I received an invitation last week to attend the national Restoring Leadership forum to be held on Tuesday. Speakers at the forum were listed as senior managers from leading private and state corporations, governors, ministers, deputy ministers and presidential advisers.

Stephen Jennings' Exit Is a Big Loss for Russia

Russia's new state model ensured that Renaissance could not endure. This means Stephen Jennings' record of success won't likely be repeated. 

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