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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Suspected Suicide Bomber Arrested in Vologda

Aman who was planning to be a suicide bomber was detained inVologda after explosives intended fordetonation were found his apartment, FSB investigators said Monday.

Officers fromthe Federal Security Service arrested thesuspect onSaturday after asearch ofhis apartment yielded several explosive devices including anF-1 grenade, blasting caps andan improvised shrapnel bomb containing screws and200 grams ofTNT, Interfax reported, citing theFSB.

Investigators also seized extremist religious literature andCDs containing recordings ofal-Qaida ideologue Abu Yahya andSaid Buryatsky, aRussian militant leader killed ina military operation in2010.

Thesuspect, anative ofVologda whose name was not released, had previously been convicted ofrobbery, rape, vandalism andmurder.

According toan FSB spokesman, theman served 17 years inprison andbecame anadherent ofradical Islam in2009 while serving time inthe Arkhangelsk region with inmates convicted ofterrorism, Interfax said.

He remains incustody andfaces charges ofillegally storing weapons, ammunition andexplosive devices.

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