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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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T-50 Fighter Aborts Takeoff During MAKS Demonstration

Dark clouds gathered over the T-50, Russia’s first stealth fighter, on Sunday when a test pilot abruptly aborted takeoff of the plane during a demonstration flight at the MAKS air show over what the plane’s maker called a “malfunction” in its right engine.

Bread and Circuses Beckon Matviyenko Voters in St. Petersburg

Two St. Petersburg districts rolled out bread and circuses to lure voters to polling stations Sunday, all but ensuring that Governor Valentina Matviyenko will get a legislator's mandate.

Bonds From 'Parasite' U.S. Popular With Putin

For Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the United States is a "parasite" because its rising debt weighs on the global economy. For his government, the same debt is the safest possible investment. The country has boosted its holdings of U.S. debt by more than 1,600 percent since September 2006.

12,000 Debtors Barred From Traveling

As rank-and-file court marshals hunted for debtors at the MAKS air show outside the capital, the chief of their agency's Moscow branch reported that more than 12,000 Muscovites have been banned from traveling abroad this year over debts.

Russians the Unhappiest in Europe, Poll Says

The Moscow Times
Twenty years after the Soviet collapse, Russians are among the most unhappy people in Europe because of a high level of economic uncertainty, according to a new study.

Martial Arts Champion Kills 'Flirter,' Risking U.S. Contract

The Moscow Times
A Dagestani-born mixed martial arts champion may have squandered his prospects of debuting in the United States after killing a 19-year-old student with a single blow in a petty squabble.

Rogozin's New Rodina Registered

The Moscow Times
The Justice Ministry has approved the registration of a nationalist group led by opposition politician-turned-envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin that is expected to ally itself with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s All-Russia People’s Front.

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