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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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In Tver, United Russia Bombards Voters With Billboards

Billboards lined the streets of Tver on Sunday urging voters headed to polling stations to choose United Russia. No posters for other parties were visible. The elections are the last test of United Russia's influence before December's State Duma vote.

Medvedev Asks U.S. to Ditch Travel Visas

President Dmitry Medvedev has jumped onto the visa-free travel bandwagon, with his top foreign policy adviser declaring that the Kremlin sent a proposal to cancel visas to the White House before last week's announcement by Prime Minister Putin.

Turnout, Dirty Tricks 'Grow' at Regional Vote

Increased turnout and allegations of foul play were two hallmarks of the last big vote before State Duma vote in December, as almost 3,000 elections took place in all but nine regions nationwide Sunday.

Sberbank Goes Global With Troika Dialog Buy

Sberbank, the country's biggest lender and oldest bank, announced Friday the purchase of the private investment banking outfit, Troika Dialog, for $1 billion. The acquisition of Troika Dialog will allow Sberbank to develop a global presence.

Credit Ratings Fall, Governance Stays Steady

Credit ratings fell for Russian businesses during the financial crisis but corporate governance remained stable, industry experts said Friday at a round-table discussion on corporate governance hosted by the Association of Managers.

Putin Orders Gas for Crisis-Hit Japan

Two tankers with LNG and a planeload of blankets may be what it takes to start easing Russian-Japanese hostilities over a 65-year island dispute. Prime Minister Putin ordered extra energy shipments for Japan and humanitarian aid after Friday's earthquake.

Driver's Jailing Postponed Until 2024 — Again

The Moscow Times
An Irkutsk district court de-facto ignored a higher court's recommendation when on Friday it postponed for 14 years a prison sentence for a driver who killed a pedestrian and crippled another.

State Duma Deputy's Bentley Collides With City Police Car

The Moscow Times
A member of the State Duma's transport committee rammed his Bentley Continental into a city police car in downtown Moscow on Thursday.

Foreigner Bill Sails Through Duma

The Moscow Times
The State Duma waved through an amendment Friday that eases registration rules for foreigners, passing the new law in both a second and third reading, the parliament said on its web site.

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