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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

In the Spotlight: Sexpots

It has been a bad week for Russian sexpots. A woman who claims to own Russia’s largest silicon breasts, Iren Ferrari, had a deflation incident midflight between Moscow and Zurich, Express Gazeta reported. Ferrari, whose name is as fake as her assets, felt a painful sensation after hitting the seat in front during turbulence, she told EG. Her breasts “acted like air bags,” EG explained.

Ferrari said she is planning to sue the airline for 100,000 euros ($120,450) for not leaving enough space for her breasts. She is a Russian size 7, EG boasted, which I’m guessing would be a G-cup at least.

Ferrari poses for men’s magazines and does a spot of acting. Her web site reveals that she is also a trained lawyer. She once turned up to support politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky at an anti-British rally — complete with a tiny dog called Bentley — and was earnestly questioned about her political views by a Moscow Times reporter.

Oddly enough, it’s not the first time Ferrari has had in-flight trouble with her breasts. Last summer, one of her implants ruptured on a flight to Los Angeles. “They need to add a new point to the safety instructions: ‘What to do if a sex bomb explodes,’” the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid quipped. EG suggested more cynically that her breasts tend to leak whenever her career is going through a dry patch.

In any case, this story had legs, so much so that it featured in British tabloid The Sun.

Meanwhile, Masha Malinovskaya, a blond former television presenter and model, who has also done some fine-tuning to her bodywork, had difficulties with her husband.

Malinovskaya is married to a Liberal Democrat deputy for the northern Arkhangelsk region, Denis Davitiashvili, who is currently making headlines in the tabloids in an unsavory story.

Tabloids reported that a woman identified him when she called police alleging robbery and assault. The woman said she went back to an apartment with a man she met outside a restaurant and that Davitiashvili joined them. Both men bruised and scratched her when she refused to have sex, she said. After leaving, she realized that money and an expensive cell phone were missing from her bag, the Moskovsky Komsomolets and Tvoi Den tabloids reported.

Davitiashvili denies the allegations and plans to sue the woman for moral damages, Tvoi Den reported.

Malinovskaya, whose real surname is Sadkova, married Davitiashvili last year. She has also dabbled in politics, getting elected as a Liberal Democrat deputy in the Belgorod region. She was booted out in 2008 after complaints about her attendance record.

Meanwhile, model Emilia Vishnevskaya told KP that her former boyfriend, Vladimir Tishko, a television personality who advertises Tide laundry detergent, assaulted her, leaving her with a concussion. And if the allegation is true, I suspect that even Tide won’t wash his reputation clean.

Vishnevskaya, who is famous for — well — not much, became a hot topic this week. She told KP that Tishko drunkenly hit her after they met by chance in a restaurant.

Then Tishko sent her threatening texts, telling her that “you will die from cancer like your mother,” she said, posting photographs on her blog.

In an interview with KP, Tishko denied the allegations. He “did not touch her with a finger,” and the text messages were faked, he said.

Tishko used to present shows on CTC called “Newly Weds” and “Honeymoon.” He once dated curvaceous sex-show host Anfisa Chekhova.

Chekhova supported Vishnevskaya, telling Vechernyaya Moskva that she “went through the same thing” but that she never went to the police.