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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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6,000 Flock to Kremlin for “Burnt by the Sun” Sequel

Sixteen years after “Burnt by the Sun” won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, director Nikita Mikhalkov has unveiled the first of a two-part sequel set during World War II in a screening at the Kremlin.

Farimex Calls Off Telenor Lawsuit

A court dismisses a $1.7 billion fine against Telenor, allowing the Norwegian firm and Alfa Group to merge telecoms assets.

Putin Pops in for Pharmaceutical Price Check

Pharmacists in Murmansk received an unexpected visitor on Saturday when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who was in the northern port city to discuss the fish industry, ordered his driver to stop so he could check on medicine prices.

Germans See No Conflict of Interest in HP Probe

German prosecutors have offered assurances that there was no conflict of interest for Russian investigators helping them with a bribery case involving U.S. computer giant Hewlett-Packard and the Prosecutor General's Office in Moscow.

Corrupt Police Officers Face Tougher Penalties

A new bill approved in a first State Duma reading Friday increases the maximum prison terms for various crimes committed by police officers and introduces a prison term of up to six months for police officers who fail to fulfill orders from superiors.

Volcano Ash Strands Foreign Visitors

With many weekend flights canceled over the eruption of an Icelandic volcano, foreign travelers stood in long lines at Belorussky Station on Sunday struggling to buy tickets for seats in sold-out trains headed to Europe.

BRICs Call for Financial System Reform

Combined Reports
Leading emerging powers called on Thursday for swift reform of international financial institutions to give developing countries a greater voice, saying their group was vital to achieving a new world order.

Lawyer Likens Self to Magnitsky in YouTube Appeal From Jail

The Moscow Times
The lawyer, Valery Kulish, 33, claims that he refused to support a 6 million euro ($8.1 million) scam organized by his former employer, Alexei Dushutin, head of Voyenno-Stroitelnoye Upravleniye Moskvy, a state-controlled company.

Medvedev Braves Ash to Attend Kaczynski's Funeral

As a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland prevented other world leaders from traveling to the service, President Dmitry Medvedev managed to fly to Krakow, reinforcing a strong message of Russian solidarity since the crash that has raised Polish hopes for an improvement in long-strained ties with Moscow.

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