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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Central Bank Cuts Rates for 12th Time in 2010

The Central Bank cut key rates by 25 basis points Friday, knocking the ruble off monthlong highs, and analysts forecast more easing to come as the economy remains sluggish and the currency is still strong.

High-Speed Sapsan Has Locals Up in Arms

The Sapsan train between Moscow and St. Petersburg, which had its maiden trip in December, has provoked the outrage of those who live near the railway, many of whom are venting their anger by pelting the passing train with rocks and ice.

Stricter Rules Eliminating Transfer-Pricing Schemes

Transfer-pricing schemes, under which Russian coal firms dodge taxes by selling output below market price to offshore resellers, are slowly disappearing because of state pressure and tighter corporate governance.

Judge Who Targeted Reznik Faces Charges

Combined Reports
Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon, who has led a number of investigations into prominent Russians, could soon be charged with abuse of power over a probe into Spanish civil war atrocities, following a Spanish Supreme Court ruling Thursday.

Olympic Flag Arrives in Sochi

As the Olympic flag was hoisted Friday in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Games, President Dmitry Medvedev angrily chided sports officials over the nation's poor performance at the Vancouver Games.

Ukraine’s Premier Wants ‘Clean Slate’

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, seeking to revise a gas contract with Russia, called for the two sides to forget the legacy of Ukraine’s previous government during talks Thursday with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Regions Edge Toward Moscow Time

The country will shed two of its time zones when daylight saving time is introduced nationwide early Sunday as five eastern regions shift closer to Moscow time by simply not moving their clocks forward an hour.

Luzhkov Plans Posters Honoring Stalin

The Associated Press
Posters of Josef Stalin may be put up in Moscow for the first time in decades as part of the May 9 observance of Victory Day, the annual celebration of the defeat of Nazi Germany if Mayor Yury Luzhkov gets his way.

Siberian Fossil Holds Clues to Human Origins

The Associated Press
In the latest use of DNA to investigate the story of humankind, scientists have decoded genetic material from an unidentified human ancestor that lived in Siberia and concluded it might be a new member of the human family tree.

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