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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

In the Spotlight

This week, MuzTV started a new show called “Wife for Hire,” where voluptuous host Anfisa Chekhova moves in for a week with various famous men. It’s a bit like the British show “Wife Swap,” where two families swap wives, but the emphasis was less on life lessons and more on innuendo, as Chekhova flicked through the “Kama Sutra” and asked about favorite positions.

In the first show, Chekhova moved in with Pierre Narcisse, a pop singer originally from Cameroon, who took part in the television talent show Star Factory and is best known for his song “Chocolate Bunny.” His blond wife, Lera, went away, leaving Chekhova with Narcisse and their daughter, Kristina-Karolina.

Rather unfairly, Lera didn’t move in with Chekhova’s partner — whoever that may be. Although she hosts a TNT show called “Sex With Anfisa Chekhova,” she keeps her own private life under wraps, perhaps so as not to disillusion her male fans.

Chekhova donned a turban and hoop earrings with a plunging white wedding dress for her big entrance, explaining that the “ethnic motifs” were in Narcisse’s honor.

The show looked pretty artificial and set up, as Narcisse pretended to be surprised at her arrival and Chekhova opened her very small suitcase on the foldout couch where she was supposedly going to sleep.

Lera told Chekhova that her husband snores, eats a lot of meat and “drinks to the last drop and then falls asleep where he was drinking.” Oh, and he gets very angry at the sight of unwashed dishes. Chekhova later told a diary-room camera that she “hates washing dishes.”

Flicking through the couple’s copy of the “Kama Sutra,” Chekhova asked Lera to point out their favorite position. “It’s something like that,” Lera said modestly, pointing at an entangled couple.

Chekhova warned her that she couldn’t give “any guarantees” that she wouldn’t try it with Narcisse, and asked whether she was worried. “He should be afraid of me,” Lera said confidently.

The first episode ended with a set piece about dishwashing, as Chekhova tried to avoid washing the beer glasses by going outside to play with Kristina-Karolina, and Narcisse playfully refused to unlock the front door.

The show is one of the first in the new television season, which will get into its stride later this month.

Among the promising new shows will be a history of Russian show business narrated by Leningrad frontman Sergei Shnurov on CTC.

CTC will also show a gender-swap sitcom called “Margosha.” Posters are already up around town with the mysterious slogan, “You aren’t born a woman, you become one.” The show is a remake of an Argentine telenovela called “Lalola,” about a magazine editor who is turned into a woman by a witch after a jilted lover decides to teach him a lesson. The show starts Monday.

Even more spookily, Anatoly Kashpirovsky, who held mass hypnosis sessions on television during the perestroika era, will get his own show on NTV later this month. Titled “A Seance of Kashpirovsky,” the show will feature him investigating the paranormal but apparently won’t require us to gaze deeply into his eyes.

There will also be a new comedy show called “Yuzhnoye Butovo” on Channel One. The show will be a star vehicle for Sergei Svetlakov, one of the actors in the “Nasha Russia” sketch show. He has already been snapped up by Channel One for its current affairs comedy show, “ProjectorParisHilton.”

The new show will revolve around two brothers from the provinces who come to live in Moscow. It will probably be a television debut for Yuzhnoye Butovo, a far-flung suburb of Moscow, which apparently is quite attractive if you like tower blocks.