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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

In the Spotlight

It Girl Ksenia Sobchak is never afraid to speak her mind, whether she’s haranguing contestants on her reality show “Dom-2” or sticking the knife into a fellow socialite.

But she revealed an unexpected side recently when she gave an interview to Ekho Moskvy radio station about her trip to North Korea.

Sobchak said she chose North Korea on the advice of Alfa Bank president Pyotr Aven. She talked about visiting Pyongyangs giant bowling alley and the national film studio, where the sets werent plywood but miles of solid concrete.

One evening she asked to try dog meat and got more than she bargained for. You come to the restaurant and you have 12 or 13 dishes all made of dog meat, she said. If you dont think about what youre eating, its really delicious.

She was obviously fascinated and horrified by the country and its weird atmosphere. You have a kind of bad feeling that you are doing something wrong, that you are coming to some kind of terrible, hellish human zoo, she said.

Of course, many would say the same of Dom-2, where blank-eyed participants spend years on a pointless building project, while proclaiming their undying love for each other and their eternal leader Sobchak. But at least theyre volunteers.

This week, Sobchak was also in the news for sneering at wealthy socialite model Olga Rodionova and her emeralds.

Last year, Rodionova posed for a book of erotic photographs by French artist Bettina Rheims titled The Book of Olga. The photos were commissioned by her husband, magazine publisher Sergei Rodionov, and published by Taschen in a limited edition.

Last month, Silver Rain radio station held an award ceremony for the most dubious achievements in show business. Sobchak presented Rodionova — who didnt turn up with a prize called Naked and Funny.

At the same time, she read out a letter from Rodionovas lawyers warning that they would sue if the ceremony went ahead.

Naked and Funny is also the name of a late-night television show where busty women accidentally lose their clothing in various hilarious ways.

Sobchak continued the attack in her column in this months Tatler magazine. Under the pretense of high art, [Rodionova] showed the world her genitals in such high resolution that you could count the number of sapphires and emeralds in her vaginal piercing, she writes.

She adds that she organized a girls night to discuss why Rodionova chose to show off her assets not to a narrow circle of lovers of silicon breasts and lips, but to the whole world.

Rodionova also appeared in last weeks OK! magazine. The story is headlined Im Not Just a Socialite. Unlike Many Others, I Work. To be fair, that work isnt just flashing her emeralds she also hosts shows on two obscure channels.

She posed fully clothed at her house in Croatia and next to her white Bentley, which has the license plate OLJGA.

In an interview with Express Gazeta this week, Rodionova expressed disdain for Sobchak. She says Sobchak had the nerve to ask her for a free copy of the book, claiming that it was too heavy to bring back on a plane. The real reason was that the book costs 350 euros, she hints.

Sobchak wanted to discuss what is beyond her financially, morally and aesthetically in the company of single girls like her, Rodionova sneers.

She boasts that her husband is a wealthy man who is deserving in all senses, while poor Sobchak is well past first freshness and cant hope for a tasty tidbit any more. By the way, Sobchak is 27.