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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

In The Spotlight

This week, the sexiest woman alive (circa 2008), Megan Fox, came to Moscow for the local premiere of her new film, "Transformers — Revenge of the Fallen." She also went along to the obligatory news conference at the Ritz-Carlton, although she came across as more sulky than sultry.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the "Transformers" oeuvre, Fox had her breakthrough movie role in the first episode and has since gone onto bigger and better things, such as wading across a swimming pool in a clingy pink dress in "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People."

If you remember the Transformers as baffling plastic toys much favored by little boys in the 1980s, things have moved on — a lot. This film is not even for children; it's PG-13, and there's a love drama and some "sexual material," apparently.

Fox wore a pink strapless dress and vertiginous heels for the red carpet at the Oktyabrskaya theater on Tuesday.

At the news conference the next day, she looked casual in a brown ruffled dress and long cardigan. But she clammed up after the first question touched upon her "sexiest woman alive" status, as voted by FHM magazine readers last year. "Isn't someone else on the top of this list, like Cheryl someone from England?" she drawled, revealing a complete lack of interest in the pop star and footballer's wife Cheryl Cole, who took over her laurels.

"I'm not annoyed about it, I'm just embarrassed," she went on. "I'm just really uncomfortable. That's my answer."

From then on, Fox's answers got shorter and shorter, although admittedly the questions weren't up to much. One reporter for a women's web site wanted to know if she would forgive infidelity like her character in the film does. "My answer is no," Fox said simply.

The best line came after a reporter asked if she was into motorbikes and extreme sports like her character in the film. (It's a law of the tabloids that all actors must share many character traits and hobbies with their film roles).

I don't know if the translator mentioned that the reporter called her "darling," but Fox was blunt. "Do you mean, have I ever wanted to lean over a motorcycle in booty shorts? It's not necessarily my idea of what's sexy, but it's a summer movie and we have teenagers to entertain." Quite.

All in all, it was a bit of disappointment, especially after waiting an hour at the Ritz-Carlton and admiring the full hideousness of their collection of giant vases.

It was a similar experience when Daniel Craig came to the Ritz-Carlton to promote the latest James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace," in October last year. His tan was flawless, his eyes crinkled perfectly, but he was rather short on interesting things to say and ended up being completely upstaged by his French co-star Mathieu Amalric, who made brave attempts to speak Russian.

This time, it was the film's director, Michael Bay, who was the surprise. He also directed "Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon," "The Rock" and "The Island," which involved Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor running about in white catsuits. So I didn't have high expectations, but he was by far the best speaker, reacting to the ridiculous questions in good humor.

At one point, a reporter actually asked him which film directors he thinks are better than him. "That's a crazy question, you crazy Russians, you," he said, before listing quite a few, from Martin Scorsese to Steven Spielberg. "They all make movies better than me, but I can shoot a good action scene and teach them about robots," he said.