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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

In the Spotlight

The election of the mayor in Sochi might not necessarily be something that makes your heart beat faster. But this week, two of the more attractive candidates, Alexander Lebedev and Boris Nemtsov, spiced up the race by revealing details of their love lives to The Daily Telegraph and Russian OK! magazine.

With typical swagger, Nemtsov talked of how a man who is impotent can't be a good politician, while in Lebedev's case, there was no need: His 22-year-old girlfriend, model Yelena Perminova, showed off an extremely photogenic bump.

The Telegraph published an interview with Perminova that gushes about her "endless legs" and "naturally fair hair -- not a highlight in sight." In the photograph, she shows off her bump in a black miniskirt that would not be compatible with stretch marks.

Perminova's story has already gotten a lot of coverage in Russia. At the age of 17, she was charged with drug dealing alongside her much older boyfriend. Her case was controversial, because she agreed to take part in a police sting to catch a big supplier.

Her father asked Lebedev for help since he was campaigning for a law change on plea bargaining. "Sasha helped me to get a good lawyer," she told The Telegraph. She finally got a suspended sentence in 2007.

The couple "only started dating much later," Lebedev told The Telegraph. The couple has been photographed at various parties but keeps a low profile. There's plenty of Yelena on the Internet though, because she posed for Playboy.

The article doesn't reveal much about her, probably because the journalist says she speaks "faltering English." The only surprise may be that she is an economics student at Moscow State University as well as a model.

The couple visits London twice a month, she said, and socializes with singer Elton John and actors Hugh Grant and John Malkovich. They are doing up an 18th-century house on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, the former home of King Henry VIII.

In Russia, she says that she and Lebedev like to go ice fishing on the Moscow River. This blue-collar hobby involves drilling a hole in the ice and then sitting on a box for hours, keeping warm with nips of vodka. And no, I can't see it either.

Meanwhile OK! magazine traveled down to Sochi to meet Nemtsov, who may be in the political opposition but is somewhat of a favorite with the glossy magazines.

The interview goes through political dirty tricks, the Olympics and the collapse of his former party before getting down to women, an area where the thrice-married Nemtsov believes in calling a spade a spade.

"An impotent man can't rule a country or a region or a city or anything at all," he told the male journalist. He added, laughing, that "Therefore, I'll do everything I can not to become impotent."

Asked if he's a womanizer, Nemtsov name drops billionaire David Rockefeller, who tried to arrange a date with his granddaughter, he said. "My granddaughter saw you on CNN and really liked you. She wants to meet you," he told Nemtsov.

Nemtsov said he considered the proposal, but explained why it didn't go further in a way that's not very gallant to the woman -- or to his then-wife.

"I said, 'That's fine in principle, but can I see her photograph?'" he said. "I looked at the photograph and realized that this is one granddaughter I don't want to meet."

Luckily, he had a cast-iron excuse: "David ... you are a great guy, a legend, you met Stalin. But I'm married, I have children. Thank you and goodbye."