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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Teenagers Murder With Axes, Tire Irons and Electric Massage

Juvenile crime has been a hotly discussed topic in recent years, but in an interview this week, Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev told Nezavisimaya Gazeta that the government appears to be making great progress.
Last year the number of crimes committed by minors dropped 16.5 percent compared to 2007, while the number of crimes and misdemeanors committed by minors under the influence of alcohol dropped by almost 12 percent, Nurgaliyev told the newspaper.
Alas, violent crimes committed by young people persist.
Just this week, police in Udmurtia arrested a 16-year-old boy suspected of using an ax and a tire iron to kill three men he had been drinking with, the regional Interior Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.
In an all-too-common scenario, the boy had been drinking with the three men in an apartment in the village of Yagan when an argument erupted. The owner of the apartment grabbed a tire iron and began threatening the boy, who told police that he grabbed an ax — a ubiquitous household item in Russian apartments — in order to defend himself.
It was at this point, police said, that the man began taunting the boy, telling him: "You grabbed [the ax]. If you're a man, you'll take a swing."
The boy did take a swing, striking the man in the head with the ax and killing. The other men, having watched the events unfold, attacked the boy, who fended them off with the ax and the tire iron, fatally injuring the two adults.
The boy proceeded to dump the bodies in a cellar — although leaving the weapons at the crime scene — and ran off to hide in the sawmill where he worked, police said.
An anonymous caller notified police after discovering the bodies in the cellar, and police found the boy at the sawmill and detained him.
Investigators have classified the crime as multiple homicide.
In another case of teenage violence, authorities in Penza have arrested a 17-year-old boy suspected of strangling a woman with the cord of an electric massage device, the regional branch of the Investigative Committee said Wednesday.
The teenager was at the home of a 54-year-old woman in the village of Sosedka when the two began quarreling, investigators said.
The exact details of the argument were unclear, though under questioning by investigators the boy said the two began fighting after the woman tried to throw him out of her house. At this point, the boy grabbed the electric massage device and used the cord to strangle the woman.
After it was clear the woman was dead, the teenager placed her body in an armchair, covered her up with a blanket and used a broom in order to cover up his footprints, investigators said.
The woman's body was discovered Feb. 8 and the suspected was detained shortly thereafter. He has been charged with murder.