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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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4 Hours of Putin and 'Stupid Questions'

The prime minister broke his call-in show records, discussing gold teeth and his love for animals and granting a birthday wish.

Medvedev Upgrades Ties With Vatican

Combined Reports
President Dmitry Medvedev told Pope Benedict on Thursday that he had decided to upgrade diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Moscow to the highest level.

Putin Attacks Khodorkovsky

During his annual televised call-in show, Putin, who as president oversaw Khodorkovskys arrest in 2003 and subsequent sentencing to 8 1/2 years in prison on tax and fraud charges, accused the former Yukos head of organizing murders.

Evraz Says Bonds Approval Expected

The decision on whether to issue bonds and the size of the potential issue will depend on market conditions and Evrazs financing requirements, the company's CFO Giacomo Baizini said.

Lukashenko Says He Needs Russia

Combined Reports
Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko acknowledged on Thursday that his political career depended on his close ties with Russia.

Obama Tests Soviets Afghan Endgame

The Associated Press
Dark assessments of the Wests chances in Afghanistan typically dwell on Moscows setbacks while ignoring its successes, including the creation of a relatively stable Afghan government and a 300,000-member army.

Banks Curb Lending for 9th Month

Corporate loan books fell 0.5 percent in October after declining 0.7 percent in September, and lending to consumers fell 0.7 percent for a ninth consecutive monthly decline.

Deripaska Discusses Economy, Aluminum

The owner of the worlds largest aluminum producer also said he would not restart shuttered capacity while demand for the lightweight metal is still recovering.

Medvedev Says Afghan Peace Vital

Speaking at a news conference in Rome, Medvedev made some of his most positive remarks about the prospect of bringing peace to Afghanistan since U.S. President Barack Obama announced an increase in American troops there two days earlier.

Moscow Sees Record Highs

The Moscow Times
The temperature hit a record 8.5 degrees Celsius at 3 a.m. Thursday, 1.9 degrees higher than the same time last year, a Moscow weather bureau official told Interfax.

Rudin Leads, Mozart Opens Opera Masterpieces

The Moscow Philharmonia opens its annual series entitled Opera Masterpieces on Saturday with a concert performance at Tchaikovsky Hall of Mozarts Idomeneo, a work that has apparently never before been performed in Moscow.

Nabokovs Manuscripts Dont Burn

At the end of his life, Nabokov asked that his manuscripts be burned. Thanks to his son, this was never done.

In the Spotlight: TV Flops

Komsomolskaya Pravda on Thursday included "The Pinochet Pair" in its list of the biggest flops of the last season, right up there with the Armenian version of British show The Kumars at No. 42.

From Start to Finish

The basic verb pair for finishing or ending something is /, but be careful: When unprefixed and used without a direct object, this verb has a sexual meaning.
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