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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Game Pelmeni

A recipe from Yar's head chef Matthew Cooper.

For the dough:
120g flour
10g duck fat
50g warm water
2g salt

Mix the flour and duck fat with warm water, add salt. Knead the dough. Leave for five minutes. Knead again. Repeat five to six times -- that's the secret of good dough for pelmeni (and it's especially good for fried pelmeni).

Make 100g of filling for every 20 pelmeni:
onion -- a quarter of the filling volume
pork neck -- another quarter cuttings of game (boar, deer, hare, bear -- you can mix different meats) -- to comprise half of the filling
5g-10g duck fat (can substitute brisket or speck salo)
5g-10g cream
salt, pepper to taste

Fill disks of dough with the filling, mold the pelmeni and place in the refrigerator. Throw into boiling water with a laurel leaf and salt.

20g shallots
20g butter
50g white wine
150g-200g cream
30g porcini
30g tomato (quarter of a large tomato)
30g fresh parsley
meat or chicken stock

Fry the shallots with the mushrooms in butter, add white wine and reduce. Add meat or chicken stock and reduce. Add cream. Reduce.

Peel the tomato, remove the seeds, and finely dice. Add when the sauce is almost ready and cook briefly, so the tomato does not become soft. At the very end, add parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Place pelmeni on plates, add a little extra virgin olive oil to the sauce and pour it over the dish.