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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Putin's Mixed Signals Sidelining Medvedev

Many in the West believe that Vladimir Putin has become a dictator and has found in Dmitry Medvedev a convenient seat holder while he himself will rule as prime minister once he steps down. I do not think this is Putin's intention. But appearances matter, and they might be misleading. Indeed, some of Putin's recent actions could be viewed as proof of his desire to remain not only influential but dominant after he formally transfers power to Medvedev on May 7.

Lessons for Bush in the Afghan War

War, goes a Russian joke, is a means by which Americans learn geography. Funny -- but also very much on target. Having discovered the location of Afghanistan and Iraq, President George W. Bush seems eager to learn more about Iran.

Actor, Activist Charlton Heston Dies

Oscar-winning U.S. actor Charlton Heston, whose chiseled features and commanding presence won him epic roles from Moses to Michelangelo, died on Saturday night at the age of 84, his family said.

Mugabe Demands Recount

The Associated Press
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's ruling party demanded a vote recount -- and a further delay in the release of results from Zimbabwe's presidential election, the state Sunday Mail newspaper reported, prompting outrage from the opposition party.

Montenegro Votes in Its First Presidential Election

The Associated Press
Montenegrins were voting Sunday in the tiny Balkan state's first presidential election since it split from Serbia two years ago, with incumbent Filip Vujanovic favored to win.

New Users Boost MTS Sales 25% in '07

Sales at Mobile TeleSystems, the country's largest mobile-phone provider, rose about 25 percent in 2007, more than the company had previously expected, boosted by new subscribers, chief executive Leonid Melamed said Saturday.

Police Arrest Suspect in Rozhetskin Case

Latvian police have made their first arrest in connection with the disappearance of Russian-born American businessman Leonid Rozhetskin, Latvian court and police officials said Friday.

A Taste of the Suburbs

There was a time when cafes in suburban shopping centers were little better than cafeterias, or at best a fast-food outlet facing onto a food court. Things have come quite a long way over the last few years, if the recently opened Vkus Cafe is any example.

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