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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Talking About Democracy Is Not Enough

The next administration, with Dmitry Medvedev as president and Vladimir Putin remaining at the helm as prime minister, may evolve into something different from Putin's current rule. But the expectations of liberalization that Medvedev's rhetoric and non-KGB background might have raised in some circles are wishful thinking.

The Politics of Adoption

Whenever something bad happens to a Russian child who was adopted by parents from the United States, Russian television is bound to show it as the leading story. These media reports, however, rarely dig below the surface to find out what motivated foreigners to adopt these children in the first place and to explain why these adoptions ended so tragically.


Grechka (Buckwheat groats) is a cereal known mostly in Russia. Roasted whole-grain buckwheat is mainly used to make grechnevaya kasha, a fluffy porridge with a special, nutty aroma.

A Casual European Mix

Il Buon Cibo is a cute little continental-style cafe that seems to draw patrons in with its casual, cozy atmosphere. Although it sports an Italian name, the design could easily be called French or, for that matter, just simply Old World. There's the familiar combination of raw brick and red walls; further rustic charm is generated with onion ropes and old botanical prints on the walls. Some modern contrast is provided by the spacious open kitchen that seems to occupy as much space as the dining area itself. Large windows provide for pleasant people-watching on busy Bolshaya Nikitskaya.

A Window to The East

Vladivostok makes the most of its Russian heritage as well as its proximity to the countries of Asia.

2 Ukrainian Sailors' Bodies Found

The Associated Press
Divers recovered two bodies Wednesday from a Ukrainian tugboat that capsized in Hong Kong waters and searched for 16 other sailors believed dead after being trapped in the overturned hull last weekend, Hong Kong's government said.

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