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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Kudos to Putin, His Soul and the Moscow Metro

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My father is Phillip Miles, the pastor being held in the Sheremetyevo Airport detention cell for bringing a gift of bullets to another pastor in Russia.
Our family loves Russia. In addition to my father, my grandfather has worked in Russia to help the country for the past 14 years.
We all come up with crazy ideas for a gift. Please forgive my father for his mistake. Phillip is really a great man and I do respect whatever decision the Russian authorities choose regarding his case.
May God continue to bless Russia and its people.

Justin Miles
Conway, South Carolina

Last Stage of Hypothermia

In response to "The Deadly Case of 9 Fleeing Skiers," a front-page article by Svetlana Osadchuk on Feb. 4.

It seems to me that the deaths of the skiers in the Urals were due to hypothermia. In Sweden, there were a number of cases where cross-country skiers, who were trapped by a severe snowstorm and extreme cold weather, were found dead without any or little clothing on. In the last stage of hypothermia, a person will feel extreme heat and start to panic. If feels like he is burning to death and he starts to rip off his clothes.

Sven Martin
Former mountain guide

Vaesteraas, Sweden

Putin's Soul

In response to "Clinton's Politics of Soul is Bad Taste," a column by Richard Lourie on Feb. 4."

I'm still chuckling at Richard Lourie's politically incorrect closing line to his article: "It wasn't something Barack Obama would have said. He's got too much soul." Doesn't Mr. Lourie know he could lose his job for that in the United States?

Thomas Adams
Farmington, Michigan

Regarding Senator Hillary Clinton's comment that was made in New Hampshire about President Vladimir Putin having "no soul," as a truck-driving proletarian, I'm probably underqualified to offer an apology for my country. But as a proud conservative, I can say this: Clinton is the last person in the Western Hemisphere qualified to speculate on who and who doesn't have a soul. She need look no further than her own mirror to find somebody in desperate need of a spiritual makeover.

Greg Salts
Manchester, New Hampshire

Big Changes in U.S. Election

The lead article in a recent Internet version of Izvestia asks, "Whom Will America Choose: A White Woman or a Black Man?" While the question seems to disregard the fact that there is currently more than one primary race in the United States, it does highlight the diversity in race, gender and even religion that may be presented to the voters in the presidential election.
The key word used by the candidates in the 2008 campaign is "change." There is every reason to believe that the face behind the desk in the Oval Office will be significantly different from any in U.S. history.
More important, the real change in the executive branch must be policies that insure that the United States is a willing partner with the entire world community. That change would be truly historic. The choice that Americans may face is adapt or be left behind. This American can no longer afford to support the whims of the special interests.

Derick E. Warner
Essex Junction, Vermont

On Wrong Side of History

In response to "Stuck in the 19th Century," a comment by Robert Kagan on Feb. 7.

Isn't it sad that once again Russia is well on its way to being on the wrong side of history. It is obviously in the "genes" of its leaders to be anti-Western or anti-U.S. at almost all costs.
While Putin and his pals are increasingly bold because of their newfound wealth, the old saying "what goes around comes around" isn't far behind.

Bill Bienemann
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kudos to President Putin

Like many Americans, I think Russia has come a long way, I also think that President Vladimir Putin is doing the best he can with what he has.
The world must admit that Russia has improved since the days of Stalin and the Communist Party.

Harry Ippolito
Surry, Virginia

Paying Less for Metro Rides

In response to "New Tickets, Higher Prices," a City Wise article by James Marson on Feb. 5.

James Marson's article omits an important change to the ticket system in the Moscow metro. Last year, the time limit for the 60-journey card was 30 days. For anyone not accustomed to traveling during the weekend, or to traveling several times a day during the week, this made actually using all 60 journeys nearly impossible. With the cards costing 520 rubles, the real cost of a journey was around 11 rubles per trip. Now the cards cost 580 rubles, but the duration of the cards has been extended to 45 days, meaning that the cost is now under 10 rubles per trip.

Alistair Gainey