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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Be Your Own Barman

MTPyatOk's tables feature beer taps and meters to count the milliliters.
PyatOk, the beer bistro that recently opened at Ploshchad Rogozhskoi Zastavy, has a lot going for it -- in particular, the most inexpensive microbrewed beer in town. The beer in question is from the Pyaty Okean microbrewery restaurant on Marksistskaya Ulitsa, with which the bistro is affiliated (the name "PyatOk" is stump compound from "Pyaty Okean").

Not only does PyatOk serve the delicious "live" beer for a mere 12 rubles per 100 milliliters (60 rubles a half-liter), it also borrows Pyaty Okean's convenient self-serve concept. Diners pour their own dark or light beer from taps right at the table, while a meter on the wall tallies the total.

Prices for food are correspondingly low. For those who favor something other than beer in the morning, there is a breakfast menu from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. starting at 60 rubles. Business lunches are offered from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for 175 rubles. A smorgasbord offers single platefuls of hot (220 rubles) and cold (170 rubles) dishes.

The regular menu features a decent range of beer snacks. Classic options include garlic toasts (70 rubles), quesadillas (chicken 90 rubles, vegetarian 70 rubles), chicken wings with cheese sauce (145 rubles), boiled prawns (165 rubles) and crayfish (145 rubles per 100 grams). More substantial options include shaurma with fries (155 rubles) and shashliks (chicken 120 rubles, pork 220 rubles, lamb 250 rubles). Also served are what have to be some of Moscow's strangest nachos (85 rubles), which the menu describes as being made from fried tortillas, served with small bowls of cheese and tomato sauces.

The interior design sticks to standard beer-restaurant style, with heavyset wooden furniture and dark wooden beams running across the walls and ceilings. A miniature lighthouse standing next to the buffet adds a light seaside theme -- Pyaty Okean translates as "Fifth Ocean" -- while shiny brewing vats of various shapes and sizes make for a brewery vibe.

PyatOk's location may not be central, but for those who don't live in the neighborhood, the good news is that PyatOk is to become a chain in the near future, with the opening of several more beer bistros.

40 Ul. Zolotorozhsky Val, 678-2352, 8 a.m.-midnight, M. Ploshchad Ilicha.