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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Not Exactly Morning People

The one thing we foreigners mastered in Russian 101 was the basics of Russian greetings: Good morning, Good day, and Good evening.

Hamas Militants Occupy Gaza City

Hamas fighters on Thursday raised the green flags of the Islamist movement over one of the last Gaza City bastions of forces loyal to Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, witnesses said.

3 Sunni Mosques Destroyed

Three Sunni Muslim mosques were attacked and burned south of Baghdad on Thursday, Iraqi police said, in apparent reprisal attacks after suspected al-Qaida militants blew up the minarets of a revered Shiite shrine.

Kurt Waldheim, Former UN Leader, Dead at 88

Former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, who was elected Austrian president despite an international scandal about his secretive World War II military service for the Nazis, died Thursday. He was 88.


Cockroaches have a memory and can be taught to salivate in response to neutral stimuli in the way that Pavlov's dogs would do when the famed Russian doctor rang his bell, Japanese researchers found.

Giant Dinosaur Fossil Found in China

Scientists have uncovered a huge surprise in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China: the fossil skeleton of an unusually robust, birdlike dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago.

FBI Finds It Regularly Breaks Law

An FBI audit has found that the bureau potentially violated the law or agency rules more than 1,000 times while collecting data about domestic phone calls, e-mails and financial transactions in recent years.

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