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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

There's Much at Steaks

MTSteaks offers high-quality food at a reasonable price in a pleasant setting.
Muscovites' taste for steak would seem to be on the rise, judging by the number of new steakhouses that have opened around town recently. Not only are established chains such as Goodman expanding, but also numerous new names are appearing on Moscow's meat market. One such addition is the aptly named Steaks, which recently opened in the Sodruzhestvo Aktyorov Taganki Theater building.

Created by the restaurateurs behind the Shafran, Yapona Mama and Pivnaya 01 eateries, Steaks' motto is "beer and grill." In this respect, the menu somewhat resembles that of Kolbasoff or the newly opened Dymov No. 1 chains, with their focus on beer and bangers. Although Steaks has an impressive range of draft beers (eight sorts, 90 to 180 rubles a half-liter) and six varieties of sausages (340 to 1,380 rubles), its menu has a considerably wider focus.

As could be expected in a restaurant with such a name, there is a solid selection of steaks, such as a marbled rib-eye (300 grams, 990 rubles), marbled striploin (300 grams, 950 rubles) and filet mignon (250 grams 650 rubles, 500 grams 1,300 rubles) as well as a range of other meaty dishes. Steaks, however, doesn't shirk on the seafood, with some excellent fish dishes including a juicy Norwegian salmon steak (340 rubles) and a superb rainbow trout served either grilled or freshly hot smoked (170 rubles per 100 grams). The wine list is no slouch either, with a wide selection of wine by the bottle (starting at 920 rubles a 750-milliliter bottle of white and 1,240 rubles for red) and by the glass (from 100 rubles for 100 milliliters of red or white).

The restaurant features a familiar steakhouse design, with a second level that looks down onto the larger main floor. Boasting a huge wall-sized television screen, it is well suited to showing sporting events or, say, the Eurovision song contest. There is even a pleasant outdoor balcony area, for spoilsports who'd rather miss the show.

21 Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya Ul., 915-1042, noon-midnight,

M. Taganskaya.