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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Chef's Secrets: Beef Stroganoff

Courtesy Of YarBeef Stroganoff
Yar's head chef, Maxim Tarusin, shares a recipe for beef stroganoff with fried porcini and potato cakes.

Per portion:

300g veal
15g olive oil
1g thyme
11g demi-glace sauce
20g onion
17g champignons
5g dried porcini
17g cream
2g frozen cranberries
10g vodka "Slavyanskaya Rzhanaya"

Potato cakes:

60g boiled potato
20g sauteed onion
herbs (dill, parsley)
olive oil
salt, pepper
20g salo/speck


80g frozen porcini
80g broccoli
13g cherry tomatoes

Put cranberries in the vodka in advance, to make a cranberry nastoika.

Chop the veal into strips, sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry, adding fried mushrooms, sauteed onion, sour cream and demi-glace sauce. Bring to boil, then add cranberry vodka and herbs.

For the potato cakes, boil the potatoes in their jackets, then grate. Add onion chopped into cubes and sauteed in butter, frozen grated salo, chopped herbs and garlic. Shape into schnitzel form and fry. Serve with boiled or fried broccoli, cherry tomatoes and fried porcini.