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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ask the Doctor

Q: How can a person maintain youthful looks?

Dr. Albert Brian, American Medical Center:

Don't eat too much, don't get too fat, stay out of the sun, though a little here and there is OK. And of course, quit smoking -- I don't know about keeping you young, but it'll keep you alive. Make sure you know what your blood pressure is and don't let it get out of control. You look awfully old if you had a stroke and you're limping down the street. Do serious exercise -- not just yoga, or even pumping iron, but regular aerobic exercise."

Ilya Sergeyev, plastic surgeon:

The most reliable and most effective way of all to save your youth is a full facelift. You should also pay attention to the condition of your skin -- sometimes peeling is necessary, for example."

Dr. Tarek Sultan, European Medical Center:

The first factor in the aging process is stress. The second is diet -- reduce calories and have less sweets and sugar. If you have a drink of alcohol in the evening, it will impair the release of human growth hormone during the night. This hormone is known for its anti-aging and repairing qualities. Exercise is also important -- decrease fat and increase lean muscle. Getting enough sleep is crucial. Reduce sun exposure. And of course, have a supply of antioxidants."

Yevgeny Trifonov, Intellekt-Praktik Tibetan Medicine Firm:

Take my cure made of modern, folk and Tibetan medicine. It cures a lot of illnesses, and so stops aging. It's made of natural materials -- for example Siberian ginseng and agrimony. They're collected in ecologically clean areas like Siberia, Altai and the Far East. Take it three times a day."

Marina Snezhinskaya, homeopath:

Find a good homeopath. There's no one cure for everyone, though vegetarianism helps."