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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ask the Boss

Dmitry Surnin, editor, Moi Rayon:

The way the newspaper is structured, part of the content comes from different districts of Moscow. The reporters are far away, and with traffic problems it makes perfect sense for them to be at home, as they can spend three hours per day in traffic.

"The deadline is the most important thing. Whatever happens before that is a question of efficiency and up to the line manager.

"The main downside is that the reporters need feedback. Working from home, the feedback is one-way -- I can only get feedback from the reporters by talking to the line managers.

"Also, I can't be sure if they fully understand the work, and a problem may be with the manager, and not with them.

"I'm not concerned about time management. When we hire them, we hire them with the requirement that they should be able to organize their own time."

Ilya Shershnev, business development director for the CIS, Swiss Realty Group:

We employ more than 150 people in Russia and the CIS, and nearly 30 percent of them are home-based. Designers, some architects, translators, editors and other positions are fully home-based. We use an Internet-based planning solution to manage all the processes within the company, so it makes no difference where staff are located: Moscow, London or an apartment in Samara.

"Each home-based employee has a contract with one of our companies and signs the same policy agreements, and one created specially for home-based work.

"Architects who are involved in teamwork are frequent guests in our office. But we've never seen some of the people with whom we've worked for a couple years.

"For people in Belarus, Ukraine and even parts of Russia, our salaries are two to three times greater than what they'd receive locally."

Sammy Kotwani, owner, The Imperial Tailoring Co.:

In my business, it's not possible. There's no job that an employee can do at home. A public relations person has to be with the clients. The designer has to be with the clients and personally show them clothes."