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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

ISS Crew Repairs Antenna During Troubled Spacewalk

KOROLYOV, Moscow Region -- A U.S. astronaut and his Russian international space station crewmate have accomplished their main mission on a space walk, folding up a jutting antenna in a laborious job made tougher by a temperature control problem that heated up cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin's space suit.

Tyurin and Michael Lopez-Alegria were tasked Thursday with freeing up the stuck antenna on a Progress cargo ship to prevent it from becoming an obstacle when the vessel is undocked to make room for a manned spaceship due at the station in early April.

Fighting against a fogged-up faceplate, Tyurin breathed heavily as he wielded space scissors -- something like a pair of garden shears -- and cut metal tubes forming a lock that held the antenna in place. One of two cuts necessary to get the job done went awry and he had to make a third cut before achieving success.

Not long after Tyurin and Lopez-Alegria left the station to crawl toward the antenna, mission control told Tyurin that his suit's temperature control system was not working as well as it should -- and that he would have go back inside if it got much worse.

"Please pay attention to your condition while you work. If you feel it's too hot, then take a break," he was told by Mission Control. Tyurin said he would follow the instructions, then added philosophically: "One who knows something about life is never in a hurry."

When they reached the antenna, they tried to free it up with a few hammer blows, but that didn't do the trick. Mission Control suggested Lopez-Alegria get down to business with the scissors because of Tyurin's suit trouble, but the Russian said he was in a more convenient position and volunteered.

It took about an hour of hard work, hindered by fog that Tyurin said formed on his faceplate. Mission Control suggested a not-so-space-age remedy -- rub your nose against the glass -- and Tyurin did so, also saying that the problem eased when he took a breather.