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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ask the Boss

"What should you do about staff who take a lot of time off work, whether it's an inordinate amount of sick leave or to care for their children?"

Henrik Winther, Rostik's/KFC CEO:

We of course follow the Labor Code in addressing these types of problems. I prefer to help a valued employee by accommodating his or her needs for time off while addressing the problems at home or temporary health problems. However, several factors influence the way I deal with such situations. If the absences are frequent or unjustified, I address it in an open and frank manner with the employee and either arrange for him to take a leave of absence or in some cases encourage him to look for a different job where he can work a flexible schedule."

Yelena Cheremushkina, Salans' administration manager:

Usually I have a conversation explaining that it's not appropriate and really influences his or her productivity. Then, I explain that it will have an impact on his or her performance results, and as a consequence bonus or salary adjustment at the end of the year. 'Too much' is if it's happening every day, or several times a week. One hour, two hours of working time during the day. Our employees understand that a long vacation may negatively influence the working process and therefore usually do not ask for more holiday time than two weeks at once. But of course, there may be exceptions and we treat each case individually."

Alex Shifrin, director, The Creative Factory:

Short of dismissing the employee, the best way to fix the problem is to empower him or her with responsibility. Preferably, a responsibility where other staff are to some extent counting on their being present. If others are relying on them, then they are more likely to make personal sacrifices in order to be present and get the job done."