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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Medvedev and Strong Ruble in the Stars

Presidential Press ServiceDmitry Medvedev speaking with children at a New Year's party in the Kremlin on Wednesday. Astrologers are predicting that he will be the next president.
It doesn't take an astrologer to see that Dmitry Medvedev will become Russia's next president. But that's not stopping astrologers from predicting it anyway.

Russian astrologers looking toward 2008 are forecasting a future that could have been scripted by spin doctors from United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party that nominated Medvedev, a current first deputy prime minister.

That doesn't mean, however, that they agree completely on what the future holds for Russia, which is, if you hadn't guessed already, a typical Cancer.

Medvedev, meanwhile, is a Virgo. He is a flexible politician, said Yevgeny Volokontsev, a teacher at the Higher School of Astrology in Moscow who said Medvedev would be a successful president. President Vladimir Putin's handpicked successor is always learning and makes only sensible decisions, Volokontsev said.

"Maybe he will be even better than Putin," Volokontsev said. "He is a very clever person, flexible and always developing."

Having chosen a new president, Russia "will go quiet for four years," astrologer Pavel Globa wrote last week in the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda.

"But it will not be Brezhnev stagnation, but rather a time of growing strength, so as to successfully cope with the upcoming world economic crisis, which will reach its peak in 2012, first in the United States and then in Europe," Globa said.

Anyone who still has savings in dollars should buy the mighty ruble now, assuming Globa's predictions come true and the dollar drops to 15 rubles by the end of 2008. The euro, Globa predicts, will not be far behind.

Leaders and politicians have been looking to the stars since antiquity for some clue as to what the future will bring. Roman emperors saw political threats in the skies and used any astrological omen as an excuse to kill their rivals. Elizabeth I reportedly had her coronation date in 1558 selected by her astrological adviser.

Boris Yeltsin, Charles de Gaulle, Francois Mitterrand and Ronald Reagan are among last century's world leaders who sought astrological advice before making decisions, according to "The Fated Sky; Astrology in History" by Benson Bobrick, published in 2006.

But detailed predictions for Russia in 2008 are difficult to find.

The government can handle a big shake-up after the election, Mikhail Levin, head of the Moscow Academy of Astrology, said in an e-mail interview, citing the path of Uranus.

Levin has had mixed success predicting developments in domestic politics. On the one hand, it appears his prediction that the next president would be "a person who is named by Putin" is working out quite well. He did, however, also predict that United Russia would have a slightly weaker position in the new Duma.

Led by Putin, the party captured 64.3 percent of the vote in the Dec. 2 elections and increased its number of Duma seats from 302 to 315.

Levin, who heads up the oldest astrology school in Moscow, created his astrological chart for Russia beginning July 6, 862, the date he says Russia was born in Novgorod following the ascendancy of Rurik.

Russia, therefore, is a Cancer, though Levin does not indicate what time the nation was born.

The activities of Pluto indicate the battle for control over the country is intensifying, as is the power struggle between siloviki factions, Levin said. Pluto's relationship with the sun also shows that Putin's relations with the siloviki are "less than ideal," he said.

Levin warned of a record number of disasters in 2008 but added that although it would be "a difficult year, it is not a critical one."

"The country will survive it quite calmly."