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Bali Talks Agree on Road Map

Nearly 200 nations agreed at UN-led talks in Bali on Saturday to launch negotiations on a new pact to fight global warming after a last-minute reversal by the United States allowed a breakthrough.

Britain Hands Basra Over to Iraqis

Britain handed over security in Basra province to Iraqi forces on Sunday, effectively marking the end of nearly five years of British control of southern Iraq.

Turks Bomb Rebels Deep Inside Iraq

Turkish warplanes targeting Kurdish rebels bombed villages deep in northern Iraq on Sunday, killing one woman and forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes, local officials said.

EU Plans Mission to Kosovo in Anticipation of Independence

European Union leaders agreed on Friday to send administrators and police to Kosovo ahead of its expected secession from Serbia, which branded the mission an attempt to create a ""puppet state"" on its soil.

Catholic Church Charged With Soul Poaching

The Roman Catholic Church on Friday defended its ""right and duty"" to spread its message to nonbelievers and to welcome converts, particularly from other Christian churches.

U.K. Outspends U.S. at World Bank

The United States lost its status as the largest donor to the World Bank's main fund for poor countries, the lender said Friday, as Britain pledged more in the latest funding round that secured a record amount of aid.

Chemicals and Culture

Shchusev Architecture Museum director David Sarkisyan has dabbled in professions ranging from science to film.

Ask the Boss

Q: Should employees expect a New Year's pay raise?

The Smoky Local Pub

Everyone loves a pub -- or at least everyone in their right mind should. So the residents of Baumanskaya neighborhood were in luck when the Dublin pub opened earlier this year on Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa. And the Dublin pub certainly has the feel of a real local.

Restaurant News

The Grabli chain of democratic eateries has released a range of festive tortes and cakes, just in time for the upcoming holidays.

A Bad Blend of Brezhnev and Abramovich

A new political model has emerged after the State Duma elections -- Putin's model. Putin began constructing this model in 1999, but it only reached its most advanced stage this fall.

Living With Cheap Oil

The deflation of the real estate bubble began with a weak link -- the subprime segment of the U.S. mortgage market among poor homeowners who were unable to service their loans.

Stemming Climate Change

At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that has just concluded in Bali, the world's governments agreed to begin two years of negotiations to replace for the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions.

Belarus Will Pay 19% More for Gas

Combined Reports
Belarus will pay 19 percent more for Russian gas beginning next year, Gazprom said Saturday, a day after President Vladimir Putin announced $1.5 billion in loans to help its economy adjust to rising prices.

Swiss Man Asks Minsk for Asylum, Then Leaves

A Swiss citizen who asked for refugee status in Belarus has returned to Switzerland without explanation after spending 10 days in the country, Belarussian officials said.

Other Russia Activist Sent to Psychiatric Hospital

The Associated Press
An Other Russia activist was committed to a psychiatric hospital before government protests, supporters said Friday -- the latest in a series of incidents suggesting a punitive Soviet-era practice is being revived.

Klebnikov Retrial to Start

The Moscow City Court will open a retrial Monday of two Chechens accused of murdering U.S. journalist Paul Klebnikov.

Zyuganov Promises to Fight Medvedev

The Communist Party on Saturday nominated leader Gennady Zyuganov to run for president in March -- a vote where he faces a daunting challenge against President Vladimir Putin's preferred successor.

Experts See Democracy, Murder in Crystal Ball

Russia's resurgence on the world stage and its economic growth will continue, but the country will not evolve into a full-fledged democracy in the next decade if Vladimir Putin succeeds in transferring power to his successor and oil prices stay high, a new report says.

Briton Charged in Murder of Wife and Grandmother

A British citizen is in custody on suspicion of killing his new wife and her grandmother and then trying to commit suicide in their apartment in the Tver region, investigators said.

Lavrov, Brown Trade Barbs in British Council Dispute

Foreign Minister Segeri Lavrov accused Britain on Friday of systematically trying to undermine diplomatic ties, but British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he had the European Union's backing in a dispute over the activities of the British Council.

Fears of Turmoil as Kyrgyzstan Votes

The Associated Press
Kyrgyz voters cast ballots for a new parliament Sunday in elections that many fear could cause further political turmoil. Opposition groups say President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's government plans to falsify the elections in an effort to oust his staunchest rivals from the legislature.

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