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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Likbez: Calling Long Distance

Competition for your phone bill seems to have finally arrived in Moscow. Unfortunately, it is going to require an additional effort on your part.

As of Oct. 23, everyone on the MGTS network -- about 80 percent of Moscow's private local numbers -- can choose a long-distance provider before each call. Previously, the default provider was Rostelecom, and to make an intercity call within Russia, subscribers simply dialed 8, listened for the tone, and then dialed the area code and the phone number. Now, there are two choices, Rostelecom and MTT, and some extra digits are required for any domestic long-distance call. International calling via Rostelecom is unchanged, but MTT can be used instead by dialing a different code.

To use Rostelecom:

8 -- dial tone -- 55 -- area code -- phone number

8 -- dial tone -- 10 -- country code -- area code -- phone number

To use MTT:

8 -- dial tone -- 53 -- area code -- phone number

8 -- dial tone -- 58 --country code -- area code -- phone number

If this seems confusing, you can permanently select one provider over another and use the old dialing method. To do this, call your preferred long-distance provider.

Rostelecom: 8-800-100-25-25

MTT: 8-800-333-09-90

To compare tariffs: MTT:

Rostelecom: serv-abonent/mg/center_fo/