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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ask the Chef

Courtesy Of Riviere
Daniel Egreteau of France is the head chef at Riviere.

Best dish

"One that I have not created yet."

Most popular dish

"Tournedo Rossini -- a classic French recipe: an excellent piece of beef fillet, superb roasted foie gras and the sauce done with a reduction of red Porto, demi-glace, fresh black truffles and foie gras puree. Heavy, but absolutely sublime."

Favorite food

"I like simple food and don't want to cook when I am at home. So for me -- fresh oysters and a good bottle of Chablis, or excellent French cheeses and saucissons with white bread and a bottle of St. Emilion. This is paradise."

Favorite (other) restaurant in Moscow

"Cafe Pushkin. The food is always superb, the same quality every day of the year. Excellent service."

Favorite restaurant worldwide

"No. 1 is definitely Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. I worked there a few years ago, and I can tell you that this is the most creative, crazy, amazing, strange and friendly chef I have ever met."

What is the weirdest dish you have tried?

"At a culinary show in Berlin they were cooking big white worms, cockroaches, crickets and big red ants, plus many other bizarre things. So, in order to be professional, and also not stupid, I tried them, grilled, deep fried, in spicy exotic sauce or coated with chocolate. Very strange ... They said, 'It is full of vitamins, good for health and blah-blah-blah.' I never tried it again."

Comment on the state of local dining scene

"Restaurateurs prefer focusing on the atmosphere, the interior design of the restaurant, eventually on service, but never on the food. Food is secondary, simply because there are no good cooks. Products are not so bad, but staff is a nightmare.

"Everywhere you go, you have the same food. It is not because the clients love this food, it is because the cooks don't know anything else."

Cafe Pushkin, 26a, Tverskoi Bulvar, 229-5590/9411, M. Pushkinskaya.

Pierre Gagnaire, 6 rue de Balzac, Paris, (+33 1) 5836-1250,

Riviere, 4 Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Ul., (499) 243-0977, M. Kievskaya.