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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Focus on Gazprom, Not Sovereign Wealth Funds

Until recently, the world of finance appeared to move toward transparent, publicly traded private corporations, but recently an opposite trend is apparent. Nontransparent forms of investment, such as hedge funds, private equity funds and sovereign wealth funds, are surging.

The Revolutionary Struggle Goes On

When the authorities did away with the Nov. 7 holiday, they probably hoped to rid themselves of unpleasant memories of events that still unnerve the ruling class.

The Contrasting Cultures of Kiev

From the Monastery of the Caves to Rodina-Mat and Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Ukraine's capital is a layer-cake of history.

Go Overboard for Azeri

Za Bortom, a maritime-themed restaurant featured on these pages in April, has sailed off into the sunset, to be replaced by a new Azeri restaurant called Ugolok Vostoka.

Icon: Chicken Kiev

The chicken Kiev cutlet, served at every Soviet restaurant after World War II, has a convoluted history similar to that of the olivye salad, also known as the Russian salad.

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