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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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A Friend in Need

President Vladimir Putin still hasn't declared his final intentions regarding the presidential election in March, and all of this uncertainty is driving the Kremlin elite crazy.

Unmasking President Putin's Grandiose Myth

Most political leaders are mediocre, a few are heroes and some are just plain lucky.

Calling All Chocoholics

Indulge your passion for cocoa in all its incarnations at Salon du Chocolat.

Tresure Hunt% Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Fashion designer Alyona Akhmadullina has teamed up with Juicy boutique and Yoga Journal to sell a limited-edition cloth shopping bag -- and not just any bag, as it turns out.

How Much Is the Fish

Many a timid expat sticks within the confines of the Garden Ring, rarely venturing further out, and certainly never past the Third Ring Road. But sometimes going further provides dividends in the form of some fine dining at prices that can't be found downtown. One such far-flung find is the restaurant Parus.

Chef's Secrets: Normandy-Style Pheasant

Yar's new head chef, Matthew Cooper, shares one of his game recipes.

Serb Offer Sees Broad Autonomy

Combined Reports
Serbia appealed to Kosovo Albanians on Tuesday to accept its offer of nearly all rights and symbols of an independent state, short of the republic they are demanding.

Rallies Protest 'Noise' at Annapolis

Tens of thousands of Palestinians joined anti-Annapolis rallies in Gaza and the West Bank on Tuesday, chanting ""Death to Israel"" and calling President Mahmoud Abbas a traitor for attending the peace talks.

Paris Rioters Injure 80 Police, Start Using Guns

The Associated Press
Rioting in the tough suburbs of northern Paris took a dramatic and potentially deadly new turn with the use of firearms against police, officials said Tuesday. Police unions said some 80 officers were hurt.

Iran Claims It Produced New Missile

The Associated Press
Iran said Tuesday that it had manufactured a new missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers capable of reaching Israel and U.S. bases in the Middle East, official news agency IRNA reported.

Musharraf Takes His Leave From Army Before Elections

The Associated Press
President Pervez Musharraf bid farewell to his fellow commanders Tuesday, a day before he steps down as army chief to restore Pakistan to civilian rule.

Bush Slams Kremlin on Protester Arrests

Combined Reports
U.S. President George W. Bush criticized Russian authorities for the way they broke up election demonstrations against President Vladimir Putin.

Gorbachev Urges Cooperation

The Associated Press
The European Union will not have true global influence until it finds a way to achieve closer ties with Russia, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev said Tuesday.

Police Have Studied Up For Voting

Around 450,000 police officers will be mobilized across the country Sunday to ensure order during State Duma elections, a senior Interior Ministry official said.

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