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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Chef's Secret

Courtesy Of Riviere
Lamb Leg Braised in Red Wine With Mushrooms

A recipe from Riviere's new head chef, Daniel Egreteau.

(six portions)
1,200g leg of suckling lamb, boneless
150g carrot
50g celery stalk
70g leek
150g onion
50g fresh shallots
70g fresh garlic
200g tomatoes
50g olive oil
5g thyme
5g laurel leaf
3g cloves
1g salt
5g black peppercorns, whole
750ml red wine
500ml bouillon
2g black truffle
2g almond

Garnish (per portion)
20g green asparagus
20g preserved artichokes
20g porcini mushrooms (ceps)
20g shiitake mushrooms
5g enoki mushrooms

Clean the lamb leg, add salt and pepper, tie with string.

Fry the carrot, onion, celery, garlic and tomato in olive oil.

Place the lamb in a saucepan, add wine, bouillon, salt, pepper, fried vegetables and spice. Close the lid, wrap the lid with foil and place in the oven at 120 degrees Celsius to braise for seven to eight hours minimum. You can make it two days in advance.

When the lamb is ready, remove the string, form into a cylindrical shape using foil and place in the refrigerator. 1,200g of meat is for six portions. You must cut it before reheating.

Sieve the remaining sauce, boil until it thickens, remove the fat from the top, add salt, pepper and finely chopped truffle.

For the garnish (per portion): Boil the asparagus. Chop the porcini into thin layers so that the mushroom shape remains. Fry the shiitake with finely chopped shallots and herbs.

On the plate, arrange the asparagus and artichoke in a fan shape, with the porcini in a line and the shiitake in a circle.

Remove the foil from the meat and reheat each portion in the oven on a plate with some bouillon and olive oil, covered with cling film. Heat the sauce. Place the meat on the asparagus and artichoke. Pour the sauce between the porcini and meat. Decorate the sauce with chopped almonds. Lay a bunch of fresh enoki on the shiitake, and decorate the porcini with the chives.