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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Health Care is a Right, Not a Privilege

The authorities have been talking a lot about raising the country's birthrate to deal with the population decline. A special federal benefit program was set up this year to allocate about $10,000 for women who give birth to a second child. In addition, prenatal programs have been expanded on a national level.

Fear Keeps the Kremlin in Check

When trying to predict a politician's behavior, you can either take him at his word, or you can disregard his public statements entirely and look at his actions.

New Turn to the Regions

One of the most tangible results of the change of prime ministers and the reshuffling of government posts is the increased attention given by the Kremlin to the regions.

Death's River Now a Lifeline

The Kolyma used to be a river of death for prisoners in some of the harshest camps of Stalin's gulag empire. Now the camps are long gone, but so too is the activity of a once-bustling Soviet Arctic outpost.

Community Bulletin Board

Community Bulletin Board

Feathered and Furry Thespians

As actors -- human and animal alike -- prepare to go onto the big stage at the Durov Animal Theater, Svetlana Maximova does some last minute coaching.

A Veritable Taj Mahal

Moscow's newest Indian restaurant, Adzhanta, has an elephant's head as its logo -- which probably refers to the elephants depicted in the Ajanta caves in India, but is just as fitting for the restaurant's pachyderm-sized housings.

Chef's Secrets: Risotto with Frog Legs and Sweet Garlic Cream

Chef Giovanni Susini of restaurant Italianets shares a recipe from his special selection called Menu del Plebiscito, available until mid-November.

China's Grasslands Turning to Desert

The steppes of Inner Mongolia are arid even at the best of times, but as world temperatures rise, low rainfall is turning these grasslands into sand.

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