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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ask the Doctor

Q: Is Moscow's tap water safe to drink straight from the tap or does it need to be boiled? Is filtration really necessary as well?

Dr. Albert Brian,
American Medical Center:

"I do not see lots of people getting sick [from the water], at least I do not see it happening very often. I assume the water is not contaminated, it just contains a little bit more chlorine than usual, which affects its taste. I haven't heard about lots of cases of diarrhea, but I know that most people boil their water anyway."

Dr. Yevgeny Gavrilov,
International SOS Clinic:

"Moscow tap water is safe to drink -- its safety is constantly monitored -- although in spring when the snow is melting, it is recommended to boil it. Moscow's water is still disinfected with chlorine. Filtration removes harmful substances and smells, and that is why it's desirable.

Dr. Natalya Udaltsova,
Centro Medico Italiano:

"Moscow tap water is not dangerous. Chlorine, which is used as a disinfectant, kills all microbes, but adds an unpleasant taste and smell. There are three ways to deal with this problem: boiling, filtering and settling water. Since chlorine is a gas, one can get rid of it easily by leaving water for several hours in an open bowl or carafe."

Dr. Irina Perrin,
European Medical Center:

"Moscow's tap water should never be drunk even if it is boiled. It's better to drink filtered water or to buy water at the supermarket."