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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Press Review

Kommersant (25.04.06)

Japanese Nissan factory announces factory in Sankt Petersburg, seen by Matvienko as her personal victory. The paper provides table of her other investment achievements. She wants to turn the city into a new Detroit (cover)

State allows business to participate in creation of private universities in Krasnoyarsk, Rostov on Don

Former Vice-president, former Kursk governor Alexander Rutskoy said he has found enough evidence that his successor Alexander Mikhailov is a heavily drinker and a scumbag. Prosecutors questioned Rutskoy. (Page 4)

Georgian Borjomi mineral water will change style. The company is planning to invest 10 million dollars in fighting fakes (page15)

Rospirtrom, the country liquor monopoly might turn into a joint-stock company, as the government ready to write off it's debt of more then 1 billion rubles (page15)

Sistema holding buys a private terminal in MASH aero port. The company plans to use for its corporate clients (page16)

Vedomosti (26.04.06)

Atovaz to stop partnership with GM. The American company jointly produced Chevy-Niva jeep, but Russian side needs to produce it's own models and according to the industry annalist will buy the GM share for $ 50 million (cover)

Gazprom top managers want more benefits and say that salaries are not enough for them. Company considers giving them 0,02% shares worth $ 55 million as benefits

(1 page)

Police checks the party affiliation of the Russian citizens. Communist complain that that police officers go to the citizens homes and ask if they are belonged to the Communist party. Communist say that police started to check them after a mass protests, organized by the party recently (page2)

Former energy minister Sergey Generalov now a private investor speaks on his business principals, investment plans (interview page5)

Lukoil plans to buy its shares worth $ 3 million from the company shareholders (B2)

Head of the Russian property found Yuri Petrov suggest to sell 25% of Svyazinvest shares, instead of 75$ as it was planned early (B8)

Izvestia (26 04.06)

Izvestia claims it has found who are the minor shheholders of RusUkenergo. 90% owned by Yushenko campaign sponsor Dmitry Firtash and 10% by Ivan Fursin, an Odessa banker. Looks like a Gas prom -owned paper is trying to look like an "investigation" one. (Cover)

Gazeta (26 04.06)

Custom officials arrested in several cities for bribes, after Putin's negative response over the customs-business connections (cover)

Chief medical doctor Gennady Onishenko proposes to return to the soviet practice to oblige medical school graduates to work in medical facilities. He said his own department suffers from the luck of young employees (page 1)

Turkmenbashi arrests his devoted prosecutor Atadzhanova over bribes. Former prisoners of Turkmen regime said she was the one who ordered arrests and tortures (page12)

Vremya Novostei (26.04.06)

Russian Supreme Court says that Soviet passport is a valid document that should be accepted everywhere as an ID. The decision was made under the complain by the one of the Muscovites who is among thousands of citizens still use the Soviet passport (page2)

Luzhkov proposes that Moscow authorities should watch over the bad students who skip classes (page3)