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Press Review

IZVESTIA (2/3/2006)

The story talks about how Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov wants to place his adviser Andrey Belousovin in charge of budget planning under the auspices of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry. The story explains the situation. (1, 7)

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev turned 75 Thursday. He gave an interview about his life. (1, 2)

Rallies against raising tariffs on utilities had passed in St. Pet, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok. Plans to pass All-Russian protest action in March 4. Head of Federal Tariff Service Sergey Novikov promised Wednesday that there is not going to be any rises in this year. The story gives more details. (1, 8) Kommersant (15) Novie Izvestia (1, 2) Vremaya Novostey (1)

Internal Affairs Ministry summed up its work during 2005. Rashid Nurgaliev gives an interview about the ministry' s future plans. (1, 5)

European vets are in panic, the virus H5N1, bird flu, appeared in cat. The story explains the situation. (1, 4, 6) Novie Izvestia (1, 6) Nezavisimaya Gazeta (1, 6)

President Putin arrived to Czech Republic. He met with the president Vaclav Klaus they spoke about relations between the countries and other deferent issues. The story describes the event. (2) Kommersant (2)

Secretary of the National Security Council Igor Ivanov held negotiations with the delegation from Iran in Moscow. Iran' s representative stated that the Teheran won' t give up atomic power researches even if the Russian-Iran joint project will be realized. Brief (2) Komerssant (10) Vremaya Novostey (1) Nezavisimaya Gazeta (1, 5)

On its way to India, the US president George Bush paid unexpected visit to Afghanistan. Brief (2) Gazeta (1, 20)

The Prosecutor' s General Office brought charges of misappropriation or embezzlement to Nikolay Gusev and Ramil Gaysinu of the case about Sosnovka-1 and Sosnovka-3. (2) Kommersant (1, 5)

A new chemical waste extermination factory opened in Kambarka, Udmurtia Wednesday. About 6300 tons of lewisite, a toxic substance, going to be convert in to use. The story gives more details. (2) Vremaya Novostey (2)

Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis gives an interview about Russia' s presidency at the G8 starting in May 1. (3)

The Israeli Supreme Court demanded from the country' s Interior Ministry clarifications of how former Yukos' s top manager Leonid Nevzlin got Israel citizenship and why the country refuses to extradite him to Russia, as it demands. The story talks about the situation. (3)

According to the Federal Migration department about 800-900 legal immigrants going to come to Russia. The story talks about the department' s plans what to do with the immigrants. (3)

Russia' s First Vise-Primer Dmitriy Medvedev explained to representatives from mass media companies what is going to happen with them at a conference dedicated to mass-medias activities in Moscow Wednesday. the story gives talks about the meeting. (3) Gazeta (1, 5)

Masha Shraiber, 15, studying in a St. Petersburg school, apealed to court against the Ministry of Education. She wants the ministry to rewrite biology textbook cause it impair children' s right to choose their worldview. The story explains the situation. (4)

Anonymous letter with the names of those who killed corespondent of NTV Ilya ZImin, appeared at a mailbox in Nzvestia' office. The story gives more details. (4)

Three-day limit, which was given to " Memorial" human rights organization to remove publication of expert' s report about outlawed Russia-Islamic movement " Khizb-ut-Takhri on their internet site, by Moscow' s prosecutor' s office expired Wednesday. The story explains the situation. (4)

The Ministry of Economy Development prepares a bill, which will allow to control the car gas prices said a top official of the ministry Wednesday. But for real no body is going to do that. The story talks about the situation. (7)

Chiefs of five Russian ministries have hired another deputies for themselves, which is now four deputies on one head.

Moscow' s department of transportation stated on Wednesday about its intention to launch double-deck busses on Sadovoe Koltso street in Moscow. If the experiment succeeds Moscow is going to have busses like in London. The story gives more details. (9)

KOMMERSANT (2/3/2006)

Economic Development and Trade Ministry and Ministry of Industry and Energy ministry co coordinated and plans to introduce a bill that limits foreign investors access to strategic industries to the Cabinet on March 9. The story describes the situation. (1, 2)

Russia lost to Brazil in the friendly match in Moscow Wednesday. The story talks about the event. (1, 24)

The article contains some fragments from Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev' s new book " To Understand Perestroyka" (1, 8)

The budget commission, headed by Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov, approved a tentative budget for 2006-2008 on Wednesday. However this document will be changed soon into 2007-2009. The story explains the situation and gives concrete numbers. (2) Izvestia (1, 7) Nezavisimaya Gazeta (3)

Deputies of Russian Federation Council unanimously voted in favor the bill of the counteraction to terrorism Wednesday. The story talks about the discussion. (3) Gazeta (2) Novie Izvestia (2) Nezavisimaya Gazeta (1, 2)

Wednesday, Russia' s Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov arrives to Bryansk to fined supporter. A small picket greeted him, not like in Kursk were Nashi charged a building where he was given a speech. The story talks about his visit. (3)

Russian Proton-M rocket, lunched from Baykanur lat on Wednesday, couldn' t deliver Arabian sputnik Arabasat-4a to orbit because of an engine trouble. The story gives more details. (3)

Governor of Krasnodar Alexander Tkachev and President of Adyghe Khazret Sovmen do not want to unite the regions and planning to suppress any attempts to do that. They stated that on a meeting on Tuesday in Maikop. The story reflects on the situation. (4)

Moscow' s Basmaniy Court gave a sanction for arrest the president of Neftyanoy concern Igor Linshits. He is accused of illegal banking operations. The story describes the situation. (5)

Depeche Mode music band is going to have a concert in Moscow on March 3ed in Luzhniki stadium. By some not confirmed information about 20, 000 fake tickets have been published and soled in Moscow. The story describes the situation. (6)

Before leaving Budapest on Wednesday president Putin returned a unique library of books to Hungarian people. The story describes the situation. (7)

One of the three main OAO Vimm-Bill-Dann company stack holders Sergey Plastin is going to leave his post at the company. The story talks about the situation and his future plans. (13)

President of Vneshtorgbank Andrey Kostin stated Wednesday that the bank' s branches going to be open in all countries of CIS, Vietnam, Angola and Singapore by the end of this year. The story talks about the situation. (14)

Russian airplane constriction company Mig signed on Wednesday a 48$ million contract with Bulgarian Defense Ministry to repair their 16 Mig-29 jetfighters. The story gives more details. (15)

Economic Development and Trade Ministry intend to finish in the middle of March its own investigation over difference between export prices, which were indicated in the oil company' s contracts, and send it to the prosecutor' s office. The story gives details. (15) Gazeta (1, 3)


Deputy Minister of Defense Nikolay Pankov gives comments on the accident with Andrey Sichev, soldier of Chelyabinsk tank academy who tortured by his fellow sliders and lost his legs after that. (1, 2)

Russia' s sports chief, Vyacheslav Fetisov shared his impressions about the Olypics in Torino. (1, 19)

Russia' s top sanitarium doctor Gennady Onischenko gave comments on the situation with bird flu in the south of Russia. (2)

The Transport Ministry does not support the Finance Ministry' s idea about abolishing the obligatory insurance pay when using inter-city transport. The story gives more details. (4) Vremya Novostey (7)

Russia becomes the biggest stockholder of the World' s Bank said director and constant representative of the World Bank in Russia Kristalina Georgiyeva at a conference on Wednesday. The story gives more details. (5)

The head of Federal Military and Technical Cooperation Service, Mikhail Dmitriev talks about the situation with Russian economy. (5)

Public transportation prices in the Moscow region have risen up to 15%. The story gives details and numbers. (6) Novie Izvestiya (3)

The Federal Security Service issued an order, which allows soldiers to hire attorneys at the expense of the government. The story gives details. (9) The document (13)


On Wednesday Moscow major' s office commission started its own technical investigation of the cause of tragedy on Basmaniy Market, where 66 people after the roof collapse were killed Feb. 26. The story talks about the situation. (2)